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Anyone have some suggestions for the best and/or the worst music for dealing with the post holiday blahs or any other suggestions?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (32267 points ) December 27th, 2013

Just having a case of the post holiday blahs, and I don’t have a clue why. We had a great Christmas. I put on some music and it wasn’t helping. Then I put on Warren Zevon’s last album, when he was terminally ill. Not a good idea. Got any suggestions?

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You know who always has good music picks, old and new? The guy that’s on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. I think he was originally from MTV when it started. He’s about 55 now.

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@jca Not sure which one you were referring to. I put Warren back on. It’s helping.

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I just googled him -music critic Bill Flanagan. He’s writing on the CBS Sunday Morning Show site.

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Thanks, not the one I was thinking of. I’ll look into that.

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My fav. song by The Valkyrian Allstars is ‘Hvis jeg var deg’.... translated means…’ If I were you’... and goes on to say… ‘If I were you, I’d buy me a beer and we can carry on having fun tonight, because if you don’t, I have to go back to my horrible little flat and be reminded of death and sadness.’ Wonderfully joyous for the holidays… in a very Norwegian way.

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Adirondack: he doesn’t make music, he suggests it.

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@cazzie No there’s an uplifting song. Just what I wanted. Death and sadness, :)

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A little classical? It makes me happy and allows my mind to wander on happy paths.

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