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What unusual food are you craving right now?

Asked by Kardamom (22525 points ) December 28th, 2013

A similar Q was asked in September of 2011, so we’re probably far enough out, that you’re craving something different today.

Plus, we have a lot of new folks who might be craving something completely different than the rest of us.

What would you like to eat, right now?

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I, for one, am craving kimchi.

I watched a movie a few nights ago on Netflix called Le Grand Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle. That kind of set me off. I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and they have kimchi, unfortunately theirs has anchovy in it, so I could not partake. Whole Foods has some really tasty vegetarian kimchi, and our local farmers market has a booth that sells kimchi and all sorts of other delicious pickled vegetables. If I have time, maybe I’ll stop by there today.

I’m about to join some relatives at Mexican restaurant for lunch. Hopefully the salsa and the spicy carrots will quell my craving.

Oddly enough, the other thing I’m craving right now is deviled eggs. Where do these crazy cravings come from???

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If I were hungy I would be eating what I just prepared for my husband. A salad with ginger dressing.

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I just made my yummy deviled eggs with sweet pickle relish and of course, paprika. It is freaking HOT here today, 68 degrees. From 6 inches of snow to near summer conditions again. I feel like having a picnic! lol

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Funny! I thought about making devilled eggs, then went the lazy route and made egg salad sandwiches instead. ^_^

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@Seek_Kolinahr Haha, well..actually I made both. Half deviled eggs and egg salad too to share with someone later. :-)

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rum balls
Along with your own first response, Korean potato salad, which I had once this summer, and it was great.
butter chicken curry will be nice – maybe tomorrow

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chili rellano with rice and beans

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Indian food, almost anything would do, but I would love a curried lamb shank!

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I’m having maple flavored grand-ola that is frigging amazing. It was a x-mas present.
That’s the correct spelling too.

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This was the second reference to devil,ed eggs today, so now I’m craving. My fiancĂ© has run to the farm for eggs. We had about 30 at the start of the holiday break, but were down to six. We like eggs.

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Deep fried Mars Bars.

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I just watched 3 hours of Breaking Bad. My stomach is so upset, I don’t think I could eat anything.

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A cool glass of old fashioned cloudy lemonade.

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Bah! Too late to correct my typo above.

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Nachos with guacamole and sour cream !

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Just ate the salad with ginger dressing and also a few soft tacos with ham and cheese.

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Bannock and pemmican.

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@CWOTUS I tried Korean potato salad for the first time this summer. It’s really good. Not sure exactly what they put in it that made it taste different. I’ll have to look it up and make some.

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Anchovies. I was craving anchovy, mushroom and black olive pizza earlier. I just ate at the Mexican Restaurant, though, so now I’m sorta craving an up-chuck. I’m TOO FULL.

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My daughter says, “Ridges potato chips with French Onion Dressing”.

I’ve been craving chicken Caesar wraps and I’ve had two in two days.

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I stopped for KFC Cole Slaw haha

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@Coloma Did you get the 1/8 cup individual size, or the ⅔ cup ‘Family’ portion?

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Had the Nachos. They were good.

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@ibstubro The family size, I ate half of it with some leftover ham and home made Mac-n-cheese. Yummy! Holiday leftovers, mmm!

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Pedialyte maybe some gluten yeast free toast with ghee

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I just had a good dinner of Froot Loops.

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Chinese chicken salad, it’s what’s for dinner, and Quiche. A interesting combo craving. lol

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I just had black olive, mushroom and anchovy pizza. Was delicious.

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@ibstubro I thought you were a veg?

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I took to eating seafood a couple years ago, @Kardamom. I just got too tired of it being a huge deal if I ate out with friends.

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@ibstubro We’re having anchovy pizza on New Years Day. I can’t wait, it’s delicious!

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Oddly enough I’m craving Turkey liver. Ours came with all the rest of the gizzards but missing the liver. I was so looking forward to frying it up with a little butter. Now I feel so cheated :)

And I’m always craving Gorgonzola Dolce since its just not conveniently available here. I got spoiled while previously living in Philly as there were several Whole Foods stores within a short drive and convenient to other errands I was running.

Here, the nearest one is an hour drive away so I obviously hardly ever go.

That is the best cheese in the world. (If you really like pungent cheeses, that is.)

Combined with roasted beets its an incredible classic flavor combo.

Yes, I know I’m a little weird ;)

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@Buttonstc You lost me at Turkey liver and then you really lost me with beets. Oh man, are you by chance pregnant? lol

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Long beef ribs from Montana’s steak house. Or the end piece of a rib eye AAA beef steak. Also Egg nog and name brand cola.

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Not a chance in hell I’m preggers. (And I did acknowledge that I know I’m a little weird :)

I’ve always loved both beets and liver since I was a kid. As a matter of fact, when my mother was fixing liver for supper and trimming it, I would munch on it raw ( This was in the days long before either Mad Cow Disease or E Coli was such a prevalent threat and you could actually get your hamburgers rare).

And I’ve always loved stinky cheeses too. Do you remember Leiderkranz cheese? My mother used to get if for me and put it on my sandwiches for lunch at school.

Yeah, definitely weird (or a budding foodie). Over in Europe kids eat this kind of stuff without batting an eyelash. These are both considered Artisinal cheeses nowadays.

And I discovered the Gorgonzola-Beets classic pairing on an Italian food show. It would have never occurred to me on my own to combine the two. Gorgonzola with beets salad is a long standing classic. Who knew?

But its not everybody’s cup of tea and I firmly believe in everyone’s absolute right to have their individual food likes and dislikes respected. I wouldn’t try to shove it down anybody else’s throat. (Then there would be less for me, ha ha )

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@Buttonstc I’ll cut all the Artisan cheese you want, but yes, no liver & beets. haha

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Funny enough I am having an extra sharp white cheddar and crackers now. haha

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Why are you waiting for New Years for anchovy, @Valerie111??

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(Raw liver makes me literally shudder. Hannibal Lector.)

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I would rather die than eat raw flesh of any kind. I’ll eat bugs first. lol

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The ‘gush’ or “goosh” alone. BLECK~~~

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Quick where’s my candy! lol

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“Candy’s dandy
But liquor’s quicker”!
Ogden Nash

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