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Does Facebook cheer you up or bring you down when you are going through a difficult time?

Asked by jonsblond (36880 points ) December 29th, 2013

Do you think it is wise for a person to use social media when they are going through a difficult time?

My mother has been very ill this year and has come close to death many times. She’s been hanging in there, but she took a turn for the worse again on December 26th and she’s been in the hospital since. I’m a daily Facebook user, and I’ve noticed that looking at FB when I’m worried about my mother really brings me down. The silly complaints from friends, people who write “fml” due to the smallest things and political rants are really getting to me. I’ve found that I can’t look at FB because it just brings me down.

Is it like this for anyone else or does it bring you happiness to be connected to your friends?

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