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What does it mean if i have a dream about Ashton Irwin from 5 Seconds of Summer?

Asked by hdlitt101 (1 points ) December 29th, 2013

I dreamt that i was having an independence day celebration with my family when Ashton showed up, so i got up to greet him and what not. I’m assuming that we were just friends in this dream but i wasn’t too sure because when i went to him we started hugging and i think we may have kissed? Anyway, we were just kind of standing there hugging and talking and acting like a couple. So, my question is what could this mean? Keep in mind that Ashton is a relatively famous band member whom i have never met.

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It really doesn’t mean anything at all. You happened to have a memory of something about him rattling around in your neurons when you fell asleep, that’s all.

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