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What are you going to do for New Years Eve?

Asked by JLeslie (46155 points ) December 29th, 2013

I was going to go to a symphony dance thing at the local performing arts centre, but have decided to pass on it. I might just stay home I guess. Not sure.

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Staying home. Calling mom.

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Statine going to bed at about 9:30. lol
My last wild New years was in 09, it’s been a hold the last few years. I’m good. Peace, happy new year, cheers, whoopee, good night. lol

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@Coloma 9:30 you will get to see the ball drop in NYC. That counts as staying up for midnight in my book.

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“Staying in, going to bed at about 9:30 ”....excuse the error ^^^

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Hanging at the ranch with my wife and we will split a couple bottles of Prosecco and maybe another bubbly. Going to fish monger for late dinner makings; crab cakes and salmon fillets?

New Years Day will be black-eyed peas and collard greens . . . .

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Hmmm. I guess I should buy some grapes for my husband. Plus, I need something yellow. Glad you made me think of it.

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I can’t remember the last time we went out for New Year’s. We always stay home with the children and play games. My daughter and I danced along to Just Dance for Kinect for 3 hours last year. We may do it again.

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Go to bed around 10pm, as usual.

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I have never gone out for New Years. I’d like to do it at least onceā€¦ but not this year. Will be at home, hopefully asleep by midnight. I will be counting my blessings and appreciating my family.

Maybe we’ll do fondue for dinner.

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Having a few drinks at home,then going to bed,long before midnight.

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In bed maybe a bit earlier than usual…we have a big auction every New Years Day. Standing room only.

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Nothing. To me it’s like any other night. If I’m lucky there will be 50 or so more of em before I die.

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I’m looking for events. I still have the energy of a 21 year old, so I want to get drunk and have some fun somewhere. I need some place close enough that I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a taxi.

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@Blackberry I looked around a little and so far I am too cheap to do any of the things I found. Such a rip off. Those were on websites for the area. I’m sure there is local stuff that won’t be so expensive. I’m pretty sure I won’t wind up at one though. We have stuff planned for almost every weekend in January, just not for New Years. January is my birthday month so I do all sorts of stuff and my husband just plays along.

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one year I stacked up a few movies for a ‘movie Marathon” with my son, and we ordered in ‘Take Out” etc…it was fun! Especially when the weather turned extremely cold that year and we were cozy and settled in.

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Going to a party and playing a 6 hour long board game.

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@JLeslie Heh, I actually just found something already. I live near Town Center in VA Beach and there’s going to be a lot of free stuff. But, the bad part is one of the better events will cost $125 just to get in. I really wanted to go there, but I’ll settle for the free events.

I didn’t know this was a “thing” either, but did you know people actually pay to look at christmas lights along the Va beach boardwalk?

Back in my day we simply drove through a nice neighborhood. What a scam.

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“playing a 6 hour long board game.”

What? Why lol? What game is played for 6 hours?

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I’m not sure what I will be doing yet. I usually stay home or hang out at a friends.

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As I’m home on winter break, I will probably get tipsy with my parents. Lol, happy holidays.

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Wish me a happy birthday on the 31st. I will celebrate by doing my twice daily knee exercises and then having my two gay best buddies for tea and scones. Then a nap and another episode or two of The Sopranos. Bedtime when I feel like it.

MIlo may bake me a cake; then,again, he may not.

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What time were you born @gailcalled ?
I was a morning baby, 10:20 am, the dream sleep in time, I have never had since. haha

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Off to a friend’s house for a little get-together. Unlikely I’ll make it until midnight. Luckily, she lives less than a mile from us.

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@Blackberry Risk.

We’ll probably spend the day hiking and drinking, or maybe get together with some buddies. Risk isn’t a bad idea, actually…

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Lots of drinking (water), snorting (steam and saline spray) and sucking (throat drops)

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@Blackberry Yeah, some cities charge admission to drive through the Christmas lights mega area. Not that it is necessarily the municipality you are paying, it can be private.

$125 more or less here also for some of the events.

I didn’t realize you were in VA. I guess all Navy winds up there eventually. LOL. You’re in the Navy right? You should transfer to my neck of the woods in Tampa, FL. I think you would like it. There is Jacksonville also, but I prefer Tampa.

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@Coloma: Born at noon. My mother was so quick that she was wheeled into the delivery room with her shoes and socks on her belly. Shortly thereafter, out I popped.

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@gailcalled You gave your parents the tax deduction for that year. My mom always jokes if I had been born three days earlier they would have saved some money.

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Hopefully we will be going to a foam party! Can’t wait.

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Foam party, @Aspoestertjie?

Temperpedic having a beer bash?

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@ibstubro They make foam with foam machines. You walk knee deep in foam. The other option we have is a UV party where we will be putting UV clothes on. Or else put UV bars that glow in the dark under our clothes. It is a lot of fun and a little different than just the usual party.

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I think I’d have to opt for UV, @Aspoestertjie. Knee deep in foam is too…‘maraschino cherryish’ for me!


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Nothing big. Going out to dinner and having a few drinks.

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There are many places with well planned light displays to choreographed music run by computer, usually the work of enthusiastic hobbyists who do charge but all of the ones I’ve heard about or seen have been set up as a fundraiser for charity.

I would pay for that but not for somebody to just line their pockets.

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Technically I am working as I am dog and house sitting (a service the company I work for offers but is optional in my job description, I chose to be here) for the week. The dogs can’t be left for more than a few hours and I am about an hours drive from family and half hour from friends. All those things put together means that I will probably just stay in and watch TV. I am not really bothered about new year so it’s not really an issue and the people who own the dogs and house are very wealthy so staying in this house is like living in luxury for me. No hardship, almost like a holiday on my own!

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@wildpotato I was just about to answer @Blackberry question with Risk. I love that game!

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Staying in, watching the London fireworks on TV, toasting in the new year with some good scotch. I never go out on New Year’s Eve; buses stop running at 8pm and pubs all charge entry or put their drinks prices up (or both). I usually phone my mum; she usually stays up too.

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Just to clarify, we are playing Twilight Imperium III.

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Probably leaving work around 1, heading up to Connecticut to meet my friend for shopping, dinner and the movie “American Hustle.” Then she’ll most likely go home to be with her family and I will be very happy to come home to my nice empty house. My daughter is at my parents’ house. On Wednesday, I’ll go down there and get her.

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Work, probably. I have some applications and projects to continue. My SO has family obligations so we cannot spend New Year’s Eve together. When the clock strikes midnight, it will be our third anniversary. We will probably spend the day playing games (really want to try Fiasco out) or have a movie marathon. We might go out, but I doubt it.

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I got a text yesterday that my family is invited to a family-friendly pajama party tonight. I’m thinking of going. It’s tough to know what to do with a toddler whose bedtime is 8pm and hasn’t been sleeping well. Since he hasn’t been sleeping well… do we just keep him up and tire him out at a party… or do we go home after an hour and put him down at the regular time. Impossible to predict.

Hubby and I are both introverts, so we’ll probably talk each other into just staying home. We’ll see.

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