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How would you feel?

Asked by spykenij (1767 points ) December 30th, 2013

My boss, who was my friend first, sent me home for doing something he himself does. What’s more is, I didnt go for his position because I thought he needed it more, so he got it. My former supervisor said I was getting it if I had applied. Now, since he sent me home for something he does and usually laughs at when I do it, I feel as if I can’t trust him. I have no fake side, so who I am at work is the same as who I am outside of work.

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You can discuss it and why thing’s have changed? Tricky.

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What is it that you did to have him send you home?

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The only thing that matters in this situation is what you did to be sent home, and whether being sent home was an appropriate reaction. Whether or not your boss/friend has done the same thing is irrelevant. Whether or not you influenced your boss/friend getting his job is irrelevant. Take responsibility for your own actions and their consequences.

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I would feel offended/hurt by the actions of a friend but, justified or not, pissed/irritated by the actions of a boss. Sometimes bosses cannot overlook those things a friend, by definition, does.

So….Is he your boss or your friend at that point.

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Definitely I would be hurt. Here your boss is in a position of dominance and is merely utilizing his power. Since he is your boss and also your friend, you can talk to him about this behavior. If he is not willing to change and still makes fun of you or laughs at you just nod and smile or ignore him. Concentrate on your work and keep doing a good job at your work.

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Sorry from past experiences I know all bosses only look out for them selfs and the company,employees come dead last, I would feel offended as to why the boss can get away with it and I can’t but as I said they only look out for them selfs,now there is something in your file if he ever really has to slap your wrist for.

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It is the job of the boss to see to it that others follow the rules. When the boss fails to follow the rule, there is no one to send him home. Don’t copy bad behavior at work, no matter who does it.

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If your boss jumps into a fire, would you do it too? I am with @YARNLADY . Don’t do what your boss is doing and do what is right. Sooner or later your efforts will be awarded. Be patient :)

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All sorts of things might have initiated the event. Perhaps he got in trouble for the same thing, and was TOLD to reprimand you. Maybe he just found out he or someone he loves has Alzheimer’s or cancer. Maybe he got a speeding ticket on the way to work. Maybe he got a mean note left on his desk and he thought it was your handwriting. You won’t know without asking. It could turn out he is stressed over something very tragic which would leave you feeling very petty if you just stay mad at him.
ASK, and be prepared to be angry, keep your cool, but know that it may be he will apologize for taking something else out on you. ASK.

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A friendship is typically a reciprocal relationship, with a large element of mutual trust and equality. All these things are completely incompatible with having a boss, even if it’s a boss who is supposed to be your friend.

I’m really more interested in what this infraction was. Was it… something not safe for work?

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Always remember work friends always have a layer of complexity to them than other friends. Your boss can be a friend but he has to watch his own back too. Keep your head down and never forget no matter how casual things seem, you still need to be professional.

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