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Would not it be a good profession in 2014 to be a bicycle thief?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20230 points ) December 30th, 2013

Based off this:
”The bike rack, used by both clients and employees, was just left of the front doors. Bolted to the wall just above the rack, there was a nice, re-assuring metal sign that read, ”This Area Under Video Surveillance.”

One day after work, I went out the front door to find my beautiful Fuji gone. Gone. The heavy cable lock had been Freoned and snapped in broad daylight during the height of business hours right there in front of one of the busiest doorways in downtown St. Petersburg.”

If you can steal very expensive bikes, in broad daylight in a populated area and no one will stop you, bother, or care what you are doing, and the cops don’t care either, wouldn’t being a bike thief be a pretty good profession? Even if you fire sold the bike on the next street corner, you got it for nothing; making $175 off a $600 bike you are still ahead, you invested nothing and the risk of doing time for the theft is almost nil. Where else can you steal something as expensive and not have even the cops care to help out?

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