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What is the best way to rent (or buy) a movie and have it down load to my husband's Ipad?

Asked by Dutchess_III (25566 points ) 3 months ago

I got him a Ipad or a notebook (OR WHATEVER!) for Christmas. Also got him a cable to hook it up to the TV so we can watch whatever on the TV. We’ve been watching episodes of Home Improvement all day, and I remembered the movie Wild America. He would LOVE that movie, but we don’t feel like getting out and renting it. (It’s dark, cold and snowing but at least it’s not muddy and we are not clumsy.)

So, what do we do? How do we do it?

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If you’ve been able to successfully watch television shows from the computer/tablet on the TV, and you are just asking about the service from which to find the movie: Netflix, iTunes, or Amazon are where we rent or buy movies from to watch over the internet. You could check if your Cable/Satellite provider has the movie available On-Demand or Pay-Per-View, and not have to deal with the computer at all.

I’ve not heard of a system that you can just connect the computer to the TV with a cable and watch what’s on the computer. Do you have a “smart” TV that has internet access? Do you have an AppleTV or SlingBox or ChromeCast to send content from the internet to the TV?

If the cabled connection is not working, it would be helpful if you tell us exactly what type of computer or tablet you’re using (including the operating system “OS”), and what type of cable you bought to connect it to the TV. Even if you do have it working, I’m just curious about your setup, because it’s new to me.

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You have Amazon Prime, right? See if it’s available for live streaming.

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@hearkat The guys at Aarons, where I bought it, said I just needed to get this one cable (from Walmart) and we could watch the stuff on TV.

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@Dutchess_III – Well that’s convenient. It seems that so many are trying to sell the intermediary devices, but I guess maybe those are just to stream the content wirelessly.

If you do have Amazon Prime, that’s where I’d start. We find the selection to be lacking, though (same with Netflix), so we often rent from Amazon or iTunes. The prices between the two have been the same, so far; and we haven’t noticed a difference in quality, but ours is a standard definition projection system – it might be different on HD.

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Yeah, we’re looking to rent it for $1.99. To buy is $9.99 I think. They have the movie. We’re working on it now….I’ll let you know.

Also, @hearkat Aarons didn’t have the cable. They sent me to Walmart so Aarons didn’t benefit from the sale.

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I’m sorry I wasn’t clear in my second comment; I was referring to the AppleTV and ChromeCast devices, not the cable you described. It just seems that tech companies are always trying to convince us we “need” something, so I’m appreciating that you found a system that is simple.

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SCORE 1! Rick has his pad hooked up to the TV and it’s working perfectly! It’s displaying whatever is on his computer! So, now to get the movie…...

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He’s in there giggling!

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Giggling is good.

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It was really cool. They didn’t have Wild America, except on DVD. I guess they don’t have the older movies. Except they DID have Brian’s Song! The original! So we watched that. We also watched that new movie where Morgan Freeman is the Sec of State, and winds up being the president because the White House gets taken over by terrorists and it was really dumb.

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