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Did you make it all the way through New Year’s Day without posting a question?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (20270 points ) January 2nd, 2014

Did you get past the first day of the year without posting a question on Fluther? If you did not post a question did you make it pass it without making a comment or posting an answer to any questions?

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I did not post anything here yesterday. I was at work most of the day.

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Yep. In fact, I think I made it through without posting a comment.

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I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

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I didn’t post anything but a comment or 2. I wasn’t here for very long.

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I rarely ask questions, so yes, I did make it past the New Year without asking one.

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I haven’t posted a question in months. Maybe I should make a new year’s resolution to do so more often.

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I don’t think I posted a question during the entire year of 2013. And my response to this question is my first posting on Fluther within the past couple of months. Obviously I need to be more productive Flutherwise.

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I make it through just about every day without posting a question. I think I answered some on the 1st, though.

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