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What kind of cry do you have?

Asked by Eggie (4607 points ) 3 months ago

I was looking at my class and at peoples personalities and I realize that people have different kind of cries. Are you the yeller, are you the stutterer, the quiet type, the hummer or the person that doesn’t say anything at all and tears just fall from the eyes? It is also perceived that the kind of cry you have tells a lot about you.

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The squawker!

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I’ve got a hair-trigger cry mechanism. Just thinking about crying makes me cry. This question makes me cry ;-)

Generally, this is a very quiet sort of cry, with tears running (my right eye produces water more quickly than my left eye), a little sniffling going on, but no noise associated with it. If I have to speak while crying, by voice is very muffled and “snotty.” But, in situations when I am profoundly hurt, I wail. I double over and let out a cry for all it’s worth. I want to purge my system of that which has hurt me.

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A lot of boogers roll out of my nose.
I have had guttural cries before but for the most part, (epiphany just now) my cries are almost passive aggressive. I suffer silently with a sniff now and then feeling bad that no one is paying attention to console me.
I think I better work on that.

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Usually the tears stream from my eyes and I have a sniff here and there. My husband always touches the side of my jaw when he knows I am going to cry when watching a movie, because it stiffens. I bite down I guess. He is making fun of me for being moved to tears so easily over something not real. It pisses me off a little, but I know he does it in jest. If I were upset about something that truly affected me and my life he would not joke like that.

If I am very upset the cry might be audible and my face will be more contorted I guess.

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Quiet streamer. Unless I’m heartbroken then I’m a sob, hitch in breath, sob cryer (deaths or break-up’s.)

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I realize that not many guys would answer this question..anyhow, when I cry I don’t make any noise. The tears come out from a sullen and quiet face. If something is really horrible I would sob in a deep harsh voice.

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I used to be able to cry at the drop of a hat. Since I’ve been on testosterone therapy, I just can’t. I’ve cried once, maybe twice in two and a half years. I don’t know if this is a side-effect of the hormone itself, or if it’s an effect of just not being depressed any more.

I was never a noisy crier though; just tears, usually. If I’m hurt I yell and swear but I still don’t cry.

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I go hoarse.

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Hot tears and sniffles. If it’s really bad I have the long exhale sound that goes, “hhhhhhhiiiiiihhhhh”

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I’m basically the quiet lonely crier.

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My only cry is a thunderous war cry that breaks icebergs.

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Mild squeaker.

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