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Do you expect everyone you converse with to have a Ph.D?

Asked by Kardamom (22523 points ) January 2nd, 2014

Based upon this other Question in which the OP seemed to question the idea of anybody except Ph.D recipients (or higher) to be worthy of answering or even, daring, or having any motivation, to ask a question.

Just curious to know if any of you other Fluther members think it is essential to only ask questions, and receive answers, that come from Ph.D (or higher) earning members or other people in your lives. If so, why or why not?

One of my cousins is a brilliant man. He has a Ph.D, but he’d never heard of spumoni ice cream until he moved to his current cit, a few years ago. He’s in his early 30’s.

I found that hard to believe, because spumoni ice cream is, and has been, readily available in his home state, and the state in which he was born, and most everywhere else the U.S. He just had a very limited experience in his own country (due to being super busy pursuing his advanced degrees) that it was never known to him that spumoni ice cream was readily available, and common.

Do any of you only accept advice from so called experts, or do you value advice that comes from people who may have life experience (even if it’s only one specific incident) that relates to your own life experience or situation?

If you have some good examples from Fluther members (who do not have advanced degrees) who have helped you with your questions, I’d love to know about them.

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