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What are some good meats to cook red wine with?

Asked by pleiades (6551 points ) January 6th, 2014

As some of you know, my restaurant closed down on Sunday. I’m searching for a job, and I have applied for unemployment insurance. My manager gave me a bottle of opened wine and with all this time I have at home, I’d like to cook something with this wine. I know, strange, wanting to cook for the sole purpose of having red wine, but oh well.

Looking to do something semi-savory, doesn’t have to be hearty, can range from seafood, to land animals, to vegetarian. Just wanting to explore options. (OK back to formulating resumes specific to certain jobs)

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With a red wine, avoid sauces or gravies that are reduced in the cooking, because that will concentrate the tannins. The best thing would be to add balance to a sweet marinade for chicken or steak.

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Do you mean using the wine in the recipe, or what to eat with it?

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@ccrow yes to use in the recipe, thanks for catching that one.

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Beef Bourgignon. Or use in a marinade for London Broil. Or as the liquid in a pot roast. Red wine goes well cooking with Beef, not so much with cooking lamb or pork.

Maybe with some goat?

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I had some venison on new years that had been marinating in red wine for 24 hours. It was pretty incredible. Add carrots for sweetness and mushrooms/garlic/onions/herbs for flavor and slow cook in wine, it would be hard for anything to not be amazing using that technique.

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Short ribs

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A beef stew would be great with red wine in it.

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I can’t add anything to all these suggestions, but now I’m hungry.

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And let’s not forget one of Julia Child’s signature classics:

Coq Au Vin (chicken with wine).

Here’s a recipe from Alton Brown

And here’s one from Ina Garten

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@pleiades Just exactly when is this party and are we all invited?

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@Kardamom With all these awesome tips and suggestions how could I not have you all over! Hell everyone bring some meat, veggies, I’ll buy some more wine ;)

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Venison. It’s a dark meat so it goes well with red wine, and it is very lean and beautifully tender. Cut the meat into strips, pan-fry it with some sliced onions, add the wine and a little honey to sweeten it, a bit of flour to thicken. Serve with some dark green leafy veg and roast potatoes. And invite me for dinner :)

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