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Any traceurs in Philadelphia around Oxford Circle or Frankford?

Asked by JK9497 (65 points ) January 15th, 2014

Yes parkour and freerunning is fun, yet it’s not nearly as fun as it would be with more than 1 person. I am simply looking for traceurs willing to hang out, maybe do some parkour or freerunning once in a while, but ones who live near me. I haven’t exactly found too many, and the ones I’ve found either don’t live near me or have moved away.

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There are only a few people I know of on Fluther that are in the Philly area. You’d have a better chance of finding like-minded individuals in sites dedicated to parkour; or maybe on sites like, where groups are organized around particular interests. The closest parkour-specific groups were in NYC, but that doesn’t mean no one is interested in Philly. Seek out athletic, martial arts, or running groups that might be a launching point for you to find other people who are interested. Good luck and be safe!

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There’s a Parkour Gym near American and Aramingo (Kensington) and I imagine individuals come from quite a radius; perhaps some may even be closer to you in Oxford Circle.

I also know that there is a large Philadelphia community of those into the Alexander
Technique. I realize its not exactly the same but related.

And, the majority of them will likely be theater types but the principles of efficient body movement and awareness have a wide variety of applications.

I used to live in Mt. Airy and there is an Alexander school nearby. Some if them were tenants in a house share in which I used to live.

You could try posting a (free) notice on the bulletin boards at Weavers Way Co-op and perhaps some of the Alexander folks might know of potential running buddies located closer to you. Just a thought.

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(Hate the short Fluther editing time). Anyhow….

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