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Do you indulge in a midnight snack?

Asked by LornaLove (5572 points ) 2 months ago

If so, it might not be at midnight? Its 3am for me and this is where the trouble all begins! I’ve just eaten a fudge flavoured soya pudding.

What time is your midnight snack? What are the most guilt laden goodies you have indulged in? Then gone to sleep with all that in on your tummy!

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Yes, but then I get off work at 1:30 am. It is usually a combination of supper and breakfast before I go to bed.

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No…I have a digestive disease that will be aggravated and possibly kill me if I eat too much food or specifically after 6 PM.

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I used to, especially when I was younger and used to stay up late all the time. When i was in college, we’d rotate between an all night coffee shop, or a doughnut shop (fresh hot apple fritters at 2 a.m.!) or a Jack-in-the-Box.

I used to love a couple Breakfast Jacks, O-rings, and a Dr Pepper, all after midnight.

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With a new infant, there is no midnight, it’s all on 2 hour shifts and yes I do try to eat a cookie at night here and there.

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I don’t make too much of a big deal of when I eat.

My husband does swing shifts, so one night we could have dinner at 4:00 PM before he leaves for work, and another night I could be cooking at midnight when he gets home after an 18 hour shift on the other coast.

Otherwise, I eat when I’m hungry. If that’s the middle of the night, so be it. My go-to quick things are bowls of cereal and slices of homemade bread that actually made it that late.

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Never. The last thing I eat or drink is about 2 hours before bed. It helps me sleep like a baby.

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I just finished a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate sauce. It was amazing. Not that HFC crap either.

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Sometimes, but rarely I will have a bowl of cereal.

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No. I’m in bed by then.

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Rarely, but on occasion the BEST thing in the world is to wake up in the middle of the night and have a piece of chocolate, an ice cold drink of water and back to lullaby land.
In my reckless youth in San Diego I lived in an apartment right across the street from an all night mexican place. Oh man….many a party night we made an Albertos run at 3 am.
NOTHING is better than mexican food after drinking. :-D

I often wonder if my 500 champagne corks I popped from my balcony are still on that laundry room roof. haha

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@Coloma That deserved 10 GA’s :)

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No. I’d be 300 lbs if I did. I go to bed around 9 and don’t get out of bed for anything but using the bathroom until 6.

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When I was a kid I snuck a bag of toffees to bed with the intention of eating a couple before I fell asleep.
I made two mistakes that night, first, the toffees had no wrappers & second, I was more tired than I thought. Woke up the next morning with several of the sticky bastards welded to my face, looked in the mirror & saw what can only be described as a recently beaten piƱata staring back at me.
Candyman, Candyman…Candyman!

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I rarely eat anything after 7. I used to eat a heavy dinner as late as 8. Not surprisingly, I regularly had stomach discomfort overnight. Now I eat as early as 5:45 or 6, sometimes 6:30, and then eat nothing more after that, and no more stomach problems.

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Never. If I do feel hungry at that hour, I ignore it and/or drink water. The worst thing you could do, if you’re going to sleep within a few hours, is eat something.

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Ha-Ha, @ucme.

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I agree with @jca about no snacking, but toward bedtime, if I’m still wide awake and feeling hunger pangs, I’ll have a cup of non-decaf tea or Keurig apple cider, and if I’m too hungry too resist, a small Del Monte fruit cup.

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Never. In fact, I rarely eat after 4:00 p.m.

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I don’t nosh during the night.

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