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Dreamed of an alligator or crocodile. can anyone help to interpret?

Asked by zoardyeck (18 points ) January 29th, 2014

Hi please anyone can help in my dream? i was having fun with an alligator/crocodile first it was like we are on the space then we make a very long dive from the space to the river or sea, then we are swimming and i on top of the alligator/crocodile then later i buy a juice and feed the alligator/crocodile, the alligator/crocodile didn’t attack me or i didn’t feel and fear. what is that about?
NB: Not sure if Alligator or Crocodile because i can remember if the jaw is U or V shape :D

Thank You in Advance

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Dreams have no meaning. It’s just your unconscious working.

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Thank you longgone i hope so, but frequently i dreaming a series of dream that very weird specially last year and what a coincident those dreams have something to say happening to me now :(

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Your subconscious is telling you that it is time to visit the dentist.

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