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No but seriously what is the difference between Jelly and Fluther? Why couldn't Fluther created an official mobile app?

Asked by pleiades (6551 points ) April 1st, 2014

As asked!

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You have to be a communist to attend Jelly.

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It is:
1) Run by a different but the same group of people.
2) Requires a recent gen of Smart phone
3) There is an App available on iTunes or at the Play Store for Jelly
4) The mobile app for Fluther was just a stripped down version of Fluther, used for people with a smart phone not really an App.
5) Jelly can find and use your location as part of the App.

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“5) Jelly can find and use your location as part of the App.”
Why is that ever considered a good feature in an app?

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