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What would you do at night everyone is sleeping if you didn't require sleep yourself?

Asked by simone54 (7581 points ) April 15th, 2014

What if your body and mind didn’t require you to sleep. What would do at night?

I think it would get bored if I was awake forever. What do you think you’d do at night to keep yourself occupied?

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Staying awake a day is fine, I might spent time drinking coffee, watching a movie etc. But ”awake forever”. That’s just impossible. Even if I miss two nights of sleep, definitely I would lose grasp of reality and start hallucinating.

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I would Fluther, of course.

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Fluther a little. Do laundry. Catch up on work. Watch my DVR.

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Play drums like Animal from the Muppets outside all the neighbouring houses & beyond.

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Play pranks on those that do need to sleep.
Like putting poop on their faces.

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I would paint, throw clay and take a long luxurious Jacuzzi and read a book.

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I’d read all those books I want to read but never have time to.

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