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In your lifetime, according to your personality, have you spent more time regretting your your past or worrying about your future?

Asked by ibstubro (18187 points ) April 27th, 2014

Personally, I just see the past as a re-run. Enjoy it or catch-and-release. I can’t change the past, but I might maybe make the future better.

Where do you dwell? Obsess? ‘What could have been’ or ‘What could be?’

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I dwell on the past often. I try to stay in the present but whenever a routine or boredom sets in the past arises once more. I’m haunted more by “If only I had(n’t).”

The Future is blank to me, I can’t see, guess, anticipate, despair or hope for what may lay ahead.

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I like to go back and think about favorite memories, and daydream about the future.

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Thats why drown out my thoughts with music and television.

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Since I do neither i have to say I spend equal time on them.

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Recently an annoying thing is going on my mind: whenever I think about a certain time in the past, bad memories came along with it. I just don’t know why, but that is so much unpleasant. I want to bury the bad memories deep in my mind and carry on with life, but they just keep resurfacing.

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I have learned to not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. But over the years I have dwelt on missed opportunities from the past more that I have ever worried about the future. But not enough to ever impede me.

I really try to live in the present as much as possible.

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Neither. What’s past is past and cannot be changed.

The future cannot be predicted.

I live in the NOW.

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I did both, and frequently missed times in the present.

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I’m pretty balanced. Sometimes when I drink I rue the past. When I sleep I worry about the future.

During the day I tend to just live in the moment.

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Now that I’m elderly, I worry about an unknown and unforgiving future. I’m very well prepared financially but it is health issues that concerns me now.

I still am so sorry for all the bad things and screw-ups that I did when I was a young boy. I made my Mother’s life a living Hell from age 4 through age 9. I’ve tried hard for 3 decades to make up for the bad things to no avail.

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The future. I had a crazy youth and experienced so much. I don’t even regret the bad decisions. It was fun, scary and taught me a lot.

What the future holds? I have no control over that. Definitely the future. I’m getting so old.

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Neither, play the game & let the cards fall how they may, some you win, some you lose.

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Worrying about the future. I do dwell on past events but only because I worry that they may have a negative affect on my future.

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At different times in my life I have had many goals for my future, none of which came to fruition. I usually deal with immediate problems. However, I have been and continue to be haunted by my past foibles.

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Good answers and nice insights, all!

Personally, I’s torn between:

@HalethI like to go back and think about favorite memories, and daydream about the future” and

@ucmeNeither, play the game & let the cards fall how they may, some you win, some you lose.

I don’t believe in regrets and I’m a thinker (influence the here and now) more than a worrier.

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I’m a future oriented type, I let go of the past pretty easily, including failed relationships. Out with the old in with the new. This doesn’t mean I am callous and certainly I have had some experiences that were harder than others to move on from, but, in general I am an intuitive perceiving type and future oriented.

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You don’t have to dwell on the past to learn from it, @Coloma?

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