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Could it be reasonably argued that Walmart is now part of the US welfare system?

Asked by ibstubro (18185 points ) May 8th, 2014

What about the smaller businesses that are siphoning off Walmart’s best and brightest with an offer of $10 – $12 an hour presently? Couldn’t it be argued that Walmart is currently part of the US welfare system, training new-to-market workers and subsidizing vast numbers of others that would otherwise be 100% on public assistance.

If the minimum wage is raised to $10.10 an hour, why semi-challenge yourself for $11 an hour when you can part your brain at the door at Walmart for $10.10?

Sure, Walmart can afford a hike in the minimum wage, but can the smaller businesses now paying $11 an hour afford to pay $16 to lure the top of the Walmart class from the bosom of big business?

Isn’t Walmart currently providing a training program that puts launches people into the job market? A training program that the government has been woefully inadequate at? Considering the best and brightest move on to better paying jobs, and many of the part-time, career employees are either seeking that status or otherwise would be 100% dependent on the government?

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