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Are Net Books being phazed out, or down because people are more in favor of Tablets these days?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (10580 points ) July 3rd, 2014

Is this touch thing really that great, some say it’s the tablet’s size, really when my net book is closed it’s the same size as a tablet, so that doesn’t cut it.
So tell me what is so great about these touch tablets, PLEASE.
What am I missing out on?

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I don’t think so. I’m looking for a new one at the moment and there are plenty around and new ones being released. However, I’d like one that can also be used as a tablet. There are a few that have that function. I don’t want a tablet on its own. For me, that would be a waste of money but if I can have a netbook AND a tablet, that’s useful. A tablet is useful because I can read texts on it and annotate them. I can also use it for presentations – storyboards and PowerPoint and the like. Other than that, I’d rather have a netbook or laptop.

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Tablets are a fad. They will eventually wane in popularity and settle into niche status. I would never own a tablet. Damn things are too fragile. I have a laptop running Ubuntu. Does everything I need it to and everything on it is free, unlike a tablet, that charges you out the ass for everything.

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People are confusing “what I want” with “what most people use”. Netbooks are rare compared to iPads (in the US).

Personally, I don’t want a tablet. I prefer having a keyboard.

But I can’t recall the last time I saw a netbook. I see iPads every day, on the train, at work, and in my friends’ hands.

Netbooks won’t disappearm because they are good for schools, where a low cost computer with a keyboard is best. For most other portable uses, people will use tablets

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I just bought a netbook a few months ago. I like a “real” keyboard, although I understand one can be plugged into a tablet. I don’t know, I like my little netbook.

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@jca I love my Acer net book ,and really want the Mac net book just trying to justify spending a $1000 for one instead of under $300 for one running windows.

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I have a tablet instead of a net book because I prefer the touch screen aspect for the smaller portable device. I don’t, however, produce major documents on my tablet, so that may be the decider for some. I like all the relevant useful apps I can have on my tablet (and yeah, a bunch of the silly, useless ones, as well). It took me a very short time to become comfortable with the touch-screen keyboard, and I now, sometimes, become frustrated by a non touch screen computer.

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Netbooks were a lame idea.

Apple ignored them for a reason.

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Uh Apple does make a net book , thank you.

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Apple is a lame idea.
I ignore it for a reason.

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@SQUEEKY2: I have Acer, too. It is perfect for what I use it for – the internet and email. I don’t write documents on it, I don’t do work on it. I am sure I could, but I use the work computer for that.

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Acer Aspire brand new for $225 a few years back. Does me quite well!

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What Apple product was considered a netbook?

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Using an acer aspire right now. Never had a tablet. Thought it would be cool but I like typing… and i type enough by touch on my phone…. I don’t want to do more and I couldn’t afford both when I bought this one. I thought about the net book tablet blend… detachable keyboard but looking at the prices I absolutely couldn’t afford it now.

Since my work is going to be more sedentary and I hope to go back to college if I was capable of buying anything it would probably be a desk top.. god I miss those…. or at least a laptop with a bigger screen.. but this acer has served me decently in function, i did get an external harddrive and a cd dvd writer as well as a keyboard and mouse for home use… and in portability…. next to my friends carrying a big behemoth of a laptop for travel i can easily tuck into almost any bag.

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