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[NSFW] A guy question, if you met a woman perfect for you but she was muscle bound would that enhance or hurt your attraction for her?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (23266 points ) July 4th, 2014

[NSFW] Guys, let’s say you met this gal at a party (and no I did not), and she was charming, sweet, attractive, but muscle bound, would that have any effect on how your attractiveness grew nor waned?

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Depends on just how she planned to enhance or be putting the hurt upon my attraction.

I can spare at least five minutes for just about any smiling lady. Longer if she’s smiling really big.

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Did you make a typo in the title? Is this a gay question?

If the woman was perfect for me, then how on earth would her musculature be cause for her attractiveness to be diminished?

I would only hope that she not use her incredibly powerful physique to force me under her as she rides me again and again to one powerful… oh, sorry. I was getting carried away.

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Too muscular is generally not attractive. A little usually is.

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t the rub is some people would call the second woman anorexic because she doesn’t have “padding” to say it kindly, to soften her up; they want enough to have at least a “muffin top” in jeans, they call it “curvy”. Then again, others will say it is sexist for a woman not to be attractive as muscular as a man… never can win.

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Not if she doesn’t mind me not working and not cleaning up after my self right away.

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I like women who are soft, so a body builder would not be perfect for me.

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If she looks cute in a mini-skirt then sure… Maybe she could carry me over the altar.

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@filmfann I like women who are soft, so a body builder would not be perfect for me.
Soft and marshmallowey like her?

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@Hypocrisy_Central so there is a Mrs. Staypuff…

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^ Had to take a second look, almost thought you said “Mrs Jabba the Hutt”.

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