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What is your bedtime routine?

Asked by Wine (560 points ) 1 month ago

I’m looking for tips that I can add to my routine to keep my skin looking young and to have a good nights rest. Any suggestions?

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To keep your skin looking young, avoid too much sun exposure (you need some), wear sunscreen and drink lots of water. Your skin will thank you.

For a good night’s rest I try not to drink caffeine after lunch. I do occasionally, but I try to keep it to a minimum. Otherwise, I’m up and down going to the loo. Make sure you have sufficient bedding but not too much. So you don’t overheat but you’re not cold. Don’t do anything too mentally stimulating too close to bed. If you have problems sleeping, try a warm bath, warm milk or those types of things to get your body and mind into the bedtime mood.

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Well I was going to answer this question, but the details negates everything I was going to say :P

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@El_Cadejo My thoughts exactly lol

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Watch the late news or some TV show
Cookie and glass of milk
Bathroom ablutions and toothbrushing
get into bed
read for 4–5 minutes
lights off
put on soft music CD using 90 minute timer

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@El_Cadejo @rockfan I know what you mean. LOL.

I’ll still give an answer.

Brush my teeth.
Cleanse and moisturizer in my face (I do this maybe half the time)
Watch some TV or a little fluther/Facebook.
Get in bed (sometimes I watch some TV in bed sometimes not)
When I am tired I get down under my covers making sure I am dressed warm enough and have enough blankets so I get nice and toasty warm.
Turn on my left side.
Usually asleep within minutes.

I agree with @Earthbound_Misfit If you want to avoid wrinkles don’t go in the sun. Also, don’t smoke or drink alcohol regularly.

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