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Is there anything like Coda for Windows?

Asked by dangdang (193 points ) July 24th, 2008

Coda looks like a brilliant peice of software. Is there anything that even comes close to a Text Editor/CSS Editor/FTP Client bundle for windows? (Other then Dreamweaver of course)

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Smashing Magazine wrote a great article on some different css editors. However, I still just use Dreamweaver. Also, Aptana does a whole lot, it’s free, open source, and pretty good.

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I have tried Aptana. It is just too bloated and slow. And if you want the pro version it costs some money. I too used to use Dreamweaver and recently tried to go back, but I don’t like the way it feels. I originally learned web design with Dreamweaver and TABLES but after learning CSS I went strait to Notepad and never looked back. Now I use a peice of software called InType that is still in the developmental stages but it looking great. But InType will never be a Coda.

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I use Coda right now, I love it – sorry though, I don’t know of any Windows alternative :(

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I really wish they would just make Coda (and CSSedit) for windows, alas they never will. I also sometimes use TotalEdit also, it’s pretty simple but it does the job.

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You should take a look at WeBuilder http://www.blumentals.net/webuilder/ is lightweight and has cool features like FTP support for your web projects.

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