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Have you ever tried to Add yourself to your Fluther or Thank yourself?

Asked by nina (893 points ) July 24th, 2008

Those are true jems of features. The add yourself to your own Fluther was shown to me by drHat77 – you have to try it.
And now I have tried to thank myself and am very happy with results below.
Self, you’re the best.
You’ve gotten me through some hard times.
I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, self.
Thank you.
FlutherFathers, you are the best

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I did yesterday just for the hell of it, and it made me laugh!!

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I tried it even after JohnPowell told me what happens. It still made me smile. I <3 Fluther.

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Haha, I did that yesterday… don’t you just love Wikipedia?
I thought it was hilarious…

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That made me laugh out loud!

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i tried it right after i read this question.

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i frequently fluther myself…..FYI

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Yes- it is funny as hell!

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Yup – literally thought I was going to LMAO (but it’s still there).

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I just clicked on “Thank yourself” on one of my question threads to see what that did and it amused me. I like the little cute message that shows up. It made me smile and laugh a little. I don’t remember trying to add myself to my Fluther, though. How can I do that?

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