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Can anyone suggest me what are the top grade ERP's for FMCG Wholesale and Distribution sector ?

Asked by Michael_Collins (2points) 3 weeks ago

I am looking for an appropriate ERP for FMCG Wholesale and distribution sector .

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I recruit heavily in the Strategic Supply Chain arena…for both consultants (Senior to Global Leads) and for Directors and above within corporate levels). Industry verticals included FMCG. In my corporate career, I’ve worked for two FMCG companies.

In general, I find ERP “brands” mentioned most frequently: SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft. These three have acquired most of the “big names” in industry vertical specific ERP systems.

I would suggest looking at each of their business websites. From my experience, FMCG, you are likely going to need a one of the offerings that will be nearly capable of pure CIM functionality, especially if your product is foods or seasonal clothing.

Look me up on Linkedin. Give me a call. More than happy to have a short conversation.

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I can tell you with my experience that most of the ERP’s for FMCG / Wholesale and Distribution are more or less the same features and functionality , The place i used to work before , there they were using Some Axpert TradePlus ERP(, which seems to be very smooth on run and Easy to use also.
Apart from that Bachinexo and Techseamonic are some other ERP’s used by firms earlier.

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I hope my suggestion comes handy for you, Axpert Tradeplus is quiet good for the Wholesale and Distribution but the other two ERP’s might be superannuated now.

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