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What are the best features, traits, or attributes about liberalism and conservatism?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26476points) 1 week ago

In some circles being a liberal is a nasty thing. Other circles see conservatives as narrow-minded bigots. By the dictionary, I have not found that to be a description of conservatives. Those of you who are liberals, what are the best attributes of liberalism? And try to articulate what is better not simply because you want to point out how the other side isn’t. No one is on the political stump here. For those who are conservatives (we might have to look under every stone here), what are the best traits for being conservatives (same rules apply as did to the liberals)?

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Most likely it will be a conservative who would say “It’s still a person in there in the womb, no matter how small she /he is.” Most likely it would be a liberal who would be against capital punishment.

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^ Those are the single best features of being a liberal or conservative?

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I can’t understand what you mean single best features (plural.

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^ I was speaking of both liberalism and conservatism in one blow, you mentioned one for each but I took the two as features.

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In brain scans, liberals think with their hippo campus, conservatives think with the amygdala. The amygdala gives an emotional response, while the hippo campus a more problem solving approach. I think it’s the difference is fear based verses fact based.The best thing about conservatives is that they are competitive and stubborn. The worst thing is that they cheat. The best thing about liberals is that they are empathetic. The worst thing about liberals is that they don’t think the worst about conservatives. Obviously i’m a liberal.

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@greatfullara “The best thing about liberals is that they are empathetic, and fact based….” ..”... more problem solving approach.” Not when it comes to let’s say, the abortion issue. The pro abortion side (most likely liberal, right? ) doesn’t deal with facts, and is not empathetic to the least capable of fighting for his/herself (the person in the womb) The facts are a))It’s a person in the womb regardless at what stage, and b) that the person in the womb doesn’t have a role in how why the pregnancy happened. and doesn’t deserve to be killed,

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^ That logic makes too much sense for those wanting to legitimize a selfish act.

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@Hipocracy_Central. I can’t think of good features they share, although there must be I guess.

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^ What best traits do each have individually or stand alone?

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May an analogy would help, I’m not getting it.

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^ May an analogy would help, I’m not getting it.
For example, and this is just me, and I am not of any party so it might not be accurate:

The best traits/features of being a liberal is:
• More tolerant of foreigners.
• Equality for minorities and women.
• Environmentally conscious.
• Etc., etc.,

The best traits/features of being a conservative is:
• Tougher on crime.
• Entrepreneur friendly.
• Stronger military.
• Etc., etc., etc.

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How about the anti abortion (conservative) and anti-capital punishment (liberal) thing, how would you have it in that list?

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I guess being pro capital punishment would go under Tougher on crime, but where would pro-abortion or so called pro-choice go under? The unborn persons are among the minority groups even if ithey’re not, officailly.

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