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Help! My plant is growing mold. How can I save it?

Asked by occ (4003 points ) July 28th, 2007

I just repotted a healthy (but root-bound) rubber plant. When I was pouring in the fresh soil, I noticed some white stuff but didn't know if it was mold or just natural spongey white stuff. Well, now I think it's mold because the top of the soil in my potted plant is covered in a yellowish mold. What is the best way for me to re-pot the plant and ensure its healthy future? Can I scrape the mold off the top of the dirt or do I need to re-pot entirely? And, any suggestions for repotting a very root-bound plant?

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Unpot immediately!!!! Throw away soil. Prune roots mercilessly and possibly some leaves if plant is too top-heavy. Dunk leaves in water w.a little bleach. Repot in bigger pot (also should be scrubbed w. bleach and water) w. sterile (store-bought) soil. NO natural spongy white stuff belongs in healthy soil. Keep away from other plants while you watch and wait. It may be a goner....sorry.

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Anybody can grow a houseplant. How many people can grow yellowish mold?

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It's easier than you might think. Just leave a cucumber or salsa in refridge too long. I have a lovely collection...

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Uh, DON’T use bleach. Use vinegar. Vinegar kills mold, and is less harmful to the plant. You should be able to dip the root ball in vinegar water, and let sit for a few minutes. Then rinse off all the vinegar, and repot with fresh topsoil.

In many parts of the country, yellow moldy goo comes out on top of mulch that people put in their gardens. Perhaps that’s what this is. My guess is it won’t hurt your plant, but it is unsightly.

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