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How do I lose my voice and fast?

Asked by Comedian (1115 points ) October 20th, 2008

Please don’t ask why, because it is reeeeeeeeally hard to explain. Any tricks without having to scream?

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Removed because SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU.

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without having to scream…and i’m 16 lol

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@Comedian; you don’t want to scream and you don’t want to tell us why (perhaps an oral presentation at school?)? That makes it reeeeeeeeally hard to answer.

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don’t worry. not school related. I’ve actually cconqured my fear of public speaking…mostly. I don’t have any presentations till the end of january.

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Is it for pro-life day?

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First thing that came to mind.

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what? i don’t get it lol

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You could always just STFU

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Day of silence for pro-life. but since you had no idea what that was, I’m assuming that’s not what you were referring to.

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Go run a few miles during the day when its hot. Make sure u don’t drink anything though. I can never talk when i do that. Also could thr be an exception for the screaming like listening to a song really loud and sing as loud as its playing. I lose my voice after doing that for about a half-hour especially if its metal.

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@popo:I’m in washington state. it was thundering today….thanks though.

Ok I’ll try to explain why. I want to lose it because (this is part of the reason, I have others(it’s really lame I know(please don’t judge))) whenever I try to answer a question my teachers always call me out. But they always call on people even if you aren’t raising your hand, but looking attentive. So I figured that if I can’t speak I won’t have to answer.

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Duct tape honey.

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I think I’ll try whisper singing. So I can strain it. But I would still like other ideas please

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From Wikipedia:

Causes of Laryngitis

viral infection
bacterial or fungal infection
inflammation due to overuse of the vocal cords
excessive coughing
excessive alcohol consumption
excessive smoking

So it looks like drinking a lot of hard liquor, coughing a lot, and screaming a lot are your only options. Though why you’d want to contract laryngitis is still beyond me.

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thank you. i can’t use the last two but it gives me some ideas

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I’ve always found that singing along to the Rocky Horror Picture Show for hours and hours will do the trick. But, that’s just me. I don’t know anyone who loves that movie as much as I do!

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omg. are you serious? you just found her!!!!

That’s what I was about to go do :D:D:D:D

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Just fake it and have some hot tea in hand so it looks real and ponder why you are trying to make someone think you can’t talk instead of just telling them the truth.

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see I said it’s hard to explain why. It’s hard to explain if you don’t get really what happened. I tried to explain but I guess that didn’t work

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Say you’re going silent to support a cause.

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good thinking.

Too bad I already lost it :D

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Good job!

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What did you end up doing?

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Rocking out to The Rocking Horror Pciture Show. It was so much singing it as screaming it :D

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i tryed to loose my voice i tryed screaming and rocky horror picture 4 times it just wont seem to work

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oh realy?

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Just sing “more than a feeling” by boston at the top of your lungs, in the pitch that Brad Delp (former Lead singer, R.i.p) sang it. and THEN Sing Bohemian Rhapsodey, at the top of your lungs, and if THAT doesnt do the trick, sing Hopelessly Devoted to you. Or, Heck even, Given UP, by linkin Park, and do the screamo part at the end where he holds it.

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Question asked, please note, in late October of 2008.

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My throat already hurts super bad, but I want to lose my voice faster. Anyone know how? I mean other than screaming the songs on rocky horror picture show?

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I have looked it up on google and I haven’t really gotten any helpful tips, I was hoping to get some here.

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Just don’t stop talking don’t drink anything scream into a pillow and growl harshly and don’t stop coughing hope I helped

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