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Who wants to have chicken alfredo with me at three in the morning?

Asked by MicaDirtCat (307 points ) October 24th, 2008

Does anyone else get their second wind so late and desire a complicated meals, good conversation, and to do the cleaning they put off? Annoting thing I always get extremely tired at about nine, soldier through it and am up all night.

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I just ate Pop Tarts, and it’s almost 4AM here. I’m wide awake. Dammit.

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I fucking love chicken alfredo. I’m down if you’re cooking.

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Ah! Now I want chicken alfredo. Boo. Good job, Mica.

It seems we’re in the same time zone. We can’t be too far off, right?

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I’m drinking PBR and I had a spicy chicken sandwich about an hour ago. Close enough.

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@Shading: Sorry to tempt you but I think you’re in Canada, I’m in Texas (NOT a TEXAN) and my chicken will only travel so far as my tummy. Maybe the 18 yr. scotch could transport me and leftovers there though.

Damn AUGUSTIAN! Great idea!

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OMFG, I do.

I never turn that dish down. But what I really want is pumpkin pie, because of the candle I’ve been buning for three hours.

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I’ve never had chicken alfredo, but I’m starving so anything will do. 9:30am here so perhaps I should have something more breakfast-y instead!

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I’m going to have to run to the store for more Dixie plates. Don’t fill up on breadsticks y’all.

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@Damien- I’ll give you Iron Bru and a cigarette.

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You’re missing out, Damien.

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Irn Bru and a cigarette?! Not as filling as the pictures of chicken alfredo look, but I wouldn’t turn it down right now!

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@Damien- Now that they are stuffing ANY godforsaken fried meat, cheese, horse product into a tortilla and calling it a “breakfast wrap” I am thinking of a Grilled Chicken Alfredo Wrap. Heck yeah, good ol’ American gluttony. I will credit you as inspiration and name a peel- off- sticker game (winnings redeemed in euros only) on super- sized Cokes. The millions are sure to roll in…

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You guys are making me hungry.

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@Asemonet: Aww, hon- That makes me want to take you and wisk you away to an Olive Garden bliss! But if you like it…

Maybe my sub-par seasoned potatoes can entice.

Wait, now I’m am unsure whether my craving for the aforementioned dish is turning into weird flirting with anyone I can. Starving belly says I am compensating.

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It’s ok, I can understand how hunger pangs can lead to flirtations. Really.

Besides, I’ll flirt with any girl who kisses fish.
And yes, I will totes settle for your taters.

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how about 6 in the morning….or rather 5:44 am? yeah…i haven’t slept yet.

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Ah… a fellow “wondering how the other half lives” anti- sleeper. You can have your pick of the buffet for being a trouper.

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count me in…one of my faves!

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I intend to be asleep at that hour. But, thanks for the invite.

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In what way would we eat it together?

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I had chicken chow mein for breakfast! Soy sauce and coffee are a delicious pair.

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Someone lurve me. 999, C’MON!

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You need to request it from someone who hasn’t already max’d out their lurve for you. ;)

asmonet's avatar

There’s a maximum?

And you’ve reached it? ::warm and fuzzy::

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Am I to late. I LOVE Chicken Alfredo. and I have 2nd third and forth winds. I guess I am WAY late on this. Sorry.

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Never too late for Chicken Alfredo.
I’ll share a plate with you, Bri.

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Your killing me Nimis. be right there!!!!

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