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Should I upgrade or buy a paintball gun ?

Asked by Psychoticpanda (19 points ) August 20th, 2007 from iPhone

I have a spyder pilot ACS with nitro.. Should I upgrade it and put on the rocking electric trigger ? Or buy the spyder vs3 with the rocking trigger ? I'll be using to at woodsball mostly and some speedball.. Also, should I upgrade my barrel ? Stock is usually 12". I want a 16" or 18" ?

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Good Q, I am a big fan of buying new and selling off the old. But I like the feel of a fresh gun. Some people like what’s tried and true. If you’re indifferent, then I would upgrade to the spyder vs3 with the rocking trig. My buddy shoot it and says he loves it. He shoots all woodsball. If you want some other opinions try a paintball site –

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I’m sure you’ve already decided by now, but I’m also a fan of upgrading. Or you could even give the old gun to a newbie or younger sibling who might get a lot of fun out of it. I really need to stop reading paintball reviews because it always makes me want to buy a new gun.

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