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What is your favorite paper airplane design?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2268 points ) November 18th, 2008

Can you provide a link containing instructions? What makes it you’re favorite?

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Don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it a favorite, but I made this nose-heavy glider during recess while in fifth grade, and it caught an updraft and never came back down.

(Obviously it landed eventually, but from where we were, it just kept rising and circling higher & higher over several minutes until it vanished from sight. Close enough.)

So, that was cool.

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There’s more than one design?

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there’s MANY

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I might have to break down at work tonight and do some paper airplane making. :o)

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This one is my favorite. I fly it at the park with my son pretty often.

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I don’t have a favorite, but my math teacher makes some totally badass ones. He makes the coolest paper airplanes ever, we ever had to do it as a project in class. mine suckedd

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My favorite is one of my own design….though, it may have been thought of elsewhere.

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I don’t have a favorite because I don’t like paper airplanes. XD

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