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How are you connecting to our new president and government?

Asked by mrjadkins (1246 points ) November 26th, 2008

Obama has a website where he is posting YouTube videos of his weekly address. There are multiple Twitter accounts by offices in government where they post updates. I found this morning several blogs by different agencies in our government. Is anyone else out there suddenly connecting to these resources as well? I am starting to get really plugged in to my government resources using Twitter, blogging, RSS, etc. Anyone else? If so, what are you finding and willing to share? Do you think these connections will be good for our new President?

Examples: #dipnote on Twitter and #simccormack for State Department on Twitter;

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I sent in a comment on’s page where they request input. I was going to contribute my thoughts regardless of whether the form accepted my Canadian address, since Canada and America are each other’s largest trading partners and partners in many other things. But I was very surprised to see not only my Canadian address parts loaded in by default (provinces and territories in the same list as the States), but to see they wanted contributions from ALL countries in the world. Wow. Well if you’ve gone to all this effort, I’m SURE going to give you comments! And I did. And I felt great about it.

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I wrote him a letter.

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I also posted comments on, have been checking that site and youtube for his weekly addresses.

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This may be splitting hairs, but until January, we do not have a new President or government. We have the same old ones. However, once they are loaded into action, we’ll have a chance to see what they really do, rather than what they promise and plan.

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President-elect, then :)
Another answer to your question, I’m so excited to see him use Youtube and other social mediums. I even watch these weekly addresses simply cause I can and I want to hear what he’s thinking. And if he’s actually able to harness the net to listen to the people, well that sure is different than the approach Bush took. A cute Bush story, he came to Ottawa in 2004 and his motorcade drove past my university, so I took the liberty to “greet” him as others were, with one nice waving finger. When he got to Parliament and was talking with press, he said something along the line of “I’d like to thank all the Canadians who came out and waved with all their fingers” :D I tried real hard to find the exact quote but it seems my Google-fu is not that strong today.

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I’m really not. I’m quite terrible that way. I forget to call my Mom too.

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I think the site is potentially important. Of course, it will take a while to get a feel for how it is working. But I visit it a couple of times a week. It’s very helpful to know that he’s making progress, and that he plans to “hit the ground running” after he is inaugurated January 20th.

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NEXT president not NEW president, although I understand the error. Our president-elect is working like the leader of a nation in crisis while our actual president put on a poncho and pardoned a bunch of turkeys (avian and human) this week.

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I have been impressed with his co-presidential skills. It looks to me as though he is already got his track shoes on and is in the starting blocks.

But then I voted for him.

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Actually, we don’t quite have the same old government.
Bush has been slowly tacking to the center for a little while now.

His small wins are now more likely to provoke more bi-partisan support once we actually do have a new President in a couple months.

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