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Why are my sinuses worse outside of LA?

Asked by andrew (15756 points ) September 4th, 2007

Every time I travel my sinuses/allergies act up when I leave LA, then when I return home they clear up… could it be that I’ve become so accustomed to the smog that when I leave, my body aches for it?

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It could be allergens that your body is not acustom to in the areas you are traveling. For example: Certain tree pollens that may be in the areas you travel that are not in LA.

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Gooch has a point. Why do the Indians who drink from the Ganges and eat all the raw produce not get dysentery or even gippy tummy? Acclimatization. When I had a camp on Lake Placid, we drank the untreated water pumped in from the lake at about 40 feet deep.. We were fine but some of our house guests had GI problems. The Finkels all seem to have been fine, if I remember correctly, but others suffered.

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