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What's your favorite fruit?

Asked by ncanderson42 (71 points ) December 18th, 2008
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Bananas for sure. A close second would be canned pears.

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It’s between pineapple and Neil Patrick Harris.


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pineapple if that’s not available mandarin oranges

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Definitely “little cuties” which are clementines!

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blood oranges

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Pineapples with clementines in a close second just for their pure ease of eating.

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Not my favorite tasting, but when I have a starfruit I feel like I’m four years old again. Totally convinced that it was from space.

I still refuse to acknowledge otherwise.

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Bananas and Strawberries are tied for number one, according to my taste buds. But really, I should make a smoothie with some type of ultra powerful blender.

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I like red grapes too…

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Mango. Mt. Ranier cherries. Pink Lady apples.

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Pomegranate all the way!

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pineapple, then strawberries

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Bing cherries. Fruit juice: guava!

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Mango (if we are considering dried fruits too….)

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@juniper guava…yuck! :P

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@ncanderson, does that ‘yuck’ even pertain to juiced guava? Mmmmm….

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w00t Pomegranites FTW!

Gosh I love those things. I always buy them whole because the seeds next better when you have to work to get them out!

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Too much work.

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@svz But they taste so good. Totally worth the effort. :)

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@juniper especially juiced guava!! :)
@seekingwolf @syz Opening a good pomegranate up and seeing all those colorful seeds is the best part!

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Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful fruit. I love the flavor, too. But it takes too damn long to get the seeds out. Guess I’m just too much into instant gratification.

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I have a feeling if i ever have one, mangosteens will be my favorite.

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clementines hands downs!

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And only if they’re perfectly ripe, starfruits are in second…

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@uberbatman I’d never even heard of a mangosteen. But they look pretty good! Or interesting anyways, I’ll have to find one somewhere.

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Mangosteens are really sweet.
Just a titch goes really well with alcoholic drinks.
(My dad’s favourite and he has a major sweet tooth.)

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Clementines! I could eat a whole bag in a sitting.

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@ncanderson, I’ll forgive you for that since I’m a fellow fan of pomegranates. Getting the seeds out is my favorite part. (I also like peeling oranges….I like getting the full fruit-eating experience. :)

What do you think of Pom juice?

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Pineapple, so far. Peach is a close second, followed by tomato.

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@juniper Oranges are actually my least favorite fruit, always have been.

The one time I tried pom I actually spilled it all over my keyboard and ruined it. It was good though!! It’s what got me started on pomegranates.

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I love me some peaches. Even better homemade peach ice cream.

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I love fresh ripe mangos, seedless watermelon, and fresh pineapple. All of those are good plain, or sprinkled with salt, lime juice and chile powder.

Fresh blueberries and/or blackberries make me happy, too.

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all natural God grown.

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@seven that doesnt even answer the question and is just another fruitless attempt to mention god

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Perhaps he objects to the monstrosities borne of genetic manipulatian.
Seedless fruit? The horror!
Oh, the horror of it all!

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Definitely oranges!

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For me, it’s a toss up between apples and Harvey Firestein!

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Red Pears
White Peaches
Black Grapes

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Exactly the same as RandomMrdan’s post way up there ^^.

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nectarines and Rainier cherries

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The lordly mangosteen (but I’ve only had them twice)

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Strawberries, pineapple, and mango. mmmm!

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Oooh…Ranier cherries for me too! Count me in on those.

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Fresh passionfruit juice in unbelievable! Gold Rush apples (OMG)! Nectarines from some farm in Lancaster county are phenomenal. Alphonso mangoes. Man, I’m hungry!

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Pomegranates, starfruit, strawberries, peaches, and cherries. In that order. All super fresh.

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Oh shit. Totally forgot about pluots. Mmmmmm….

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@Nimis pluots??

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@Ncanderson42 pluots!!

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@Nimis i refuse to eat your godless man made fruit!!!

no matter how damn tasty they are:P

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More for me!
<—godless fruit heathen

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@uber: hmmm, I take you you don’t eat fruit, period. I mean, there is no fruit sold in the US these days that isn’t man made—that is, if you count any attempts by man to manipulate the genes of fruits. That’s been going on practically since man first started farming.

I suppose, if you looked real hard, you might be able to find some kind of fruit that hadn’t been tampered with by humans. But good luck!

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@Nimis Pluots!!! I’ll have to find me some of those

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Daloon: I think he was just teasing me about my previous comment. =)

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yea with a touch of this :P

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I really want to try this. Has anybody tried it yet?

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@gooch: I’ve had them. People get different experiences with them. They were…interesting? That’s about it.

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Where did you find them?

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@gooch: A few friends and found them in a tablets in a small Asian store near DC. :)

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@gooch They have them in tablets at thinkgeek!

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@nc: Lurve for TG. :D

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@asmonet from what ive heard the tablets are nothing compared to the real deal.

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Ok, I bought a pomegranate today to refresh my memory. I have to say, the seeds are probably the most gorgeous, gemlike produce ever – glistening, faceted, and a rich garnet color. But still too much work for too little reward, as far as eating goes.

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@syz how did you go about eating it? I used to eat it the messy/time consuming way until i learned this

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@uber: I’ve heard the same thing, but we made it into a paste and kept it on our tongues for almost a minute. From what I understand that’s as close to the actual fruit you can get. :)

It was fun, but it didn’t live up to the hype. I only got through about half a lemon before it started to make my tongue feel raw and I began to taste the sourness again.

Great pomegranate link, btw. The day I learned that was the best day of my life…err, maybe just the summer.

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@asmonet thats sucks. I still want to try the real fruit someday, its just so damn expensive and you have to buy a bunch from all the retailers ive seen. That wouldnt be so bad, but its got a crap shelf life so you have to eat them all like right away.

lol my whole life has been building up to the day i learned how to properly eat a pomegranate. after a day as great as that, nothing really seems to bring joy to my life anymore :P

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I like Mangoes. I love to eat it.

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Fruit that i cannot find any where—Guavas so yummy



Saskatoon berries


Fresh figs

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@MRSHINYSHOES what is a saskatoon berry taste like? They look like small blueberries or huckleberries.


@uberbatman They’re sort of like blueberries, but with a “mellower” taste——not as acidic or sour as blueberries, and a bit “meatier” too. If you leave them on the bush until late August or early September, they turn a very dark bluish purple and get very plump. That’s when they’re the best to eat. I like them more than blueberries because to me they taste sweeter.

I think huckleberries are very much like saskatoon berries. Maybe they’re the southern counterpart of saskatoon berries?

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@MRSHINYSHOES awesome ill have to try them. Saskatoon berries also go by the name june berry right? If so I think theyre out in the woods around me. I can find huckleberries out in the woods around me in NJ theyre a bit smaller than blueberries and a lot sweeter and less acidic so they may be similar. Hopefully I can find some this year :)


@uberbatman That’s right, they’re also called juneberries or serviceberries. A bush or small tree can be covered with lots of little white flowers in the spring. I used to have a bush back at my old house. I never tasted huckleberries, though.

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