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It scares you when...

Asked by jonsblond (36885 points ) February 7th, 2009 from iPhone

It scares me when I can fit into my children’s clothing.

It scares you when…?

It’s Saturday night, go for it!

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i realize how old i am.

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It scares me when…
... I wake up somewhere and don’t remember where I am. (Usually this only lasts for a split second.)
... I look down from a tall building. (Scared in a good way.)
... I see a spider or any other freakish bug in my house.
... a paper is due in two days and I haven’t started. It scares me even more when there is more than one paper to write. Shit.
... I get the cops called on me. (True story.)
... something happens to a family member or a friend. Especially my mother. <3

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I drink the milk from the jug and realize a fraction of a second too late, that it was a very serious and chunky mistake.

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I am typing an answer and a spider lowers between me and the screen

When I go to check on my kids sleeping and they do that “quiet breathing” thing

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@Allie It scares me when I wake up and wonder what damage I did on fluther. (after a few beers, of course)

@Bri_L That’s when you put your finger under their nose to see if they are breathing, I hate that!

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Just ask Sueanne, Tits, Uber, Aug, Myself and countless others… intoxicated Fluthering is kind of win.

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@asmonet Yes. I did witness last night. Amazing, and fun!

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Indeed. Yay for drunken Fluthering!

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When I’m hurtling towards certain pain.

Example(s): When a bus ran a stop sign and crossed in front of me…
I used to skate. Once I completely miss jumped off a ramp and had plenty of time upside down in the air to contemplate how much fun it wasn’t going to be to reacquaint myself with the ground…

I think these are less ‘scary’ moments and more ah fuuck… moments!

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I don’t know… everything scares me!!!

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It scares me when I have those falling dreams…the ones where you actually feel like you hit your head.

It also scares me when i’m driving and a huge truck is next to me, I feel like my car is going to tip over.

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It scares me when there’s no goods in the refrigerator.

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@adri027 mmmmm, munchies, zombie, hungry….. Now! ;)

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I have to be friendly to the people I work with because they are some of the weirdest mofo’s I have ever met….

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It scares me when I smell her hair and she is no where in sight
and when a week passes by without ever seeing a glimps of light.
It scares me when I close my eyes and cant remember her face
or when I think about the fact that we are all floating in outer space.
It scares me when the thoughts in my head hold nothing but fear
and everyone is screaming at me but Im the only one here.

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When fluther is down for repairs.

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I hate it when your in that state of semiconsciousness right before you fall asleep and then you feel like you’re falling or you tripped and you jolt awake. That always scares the crap out of me.
once I hit 1000 I’m changing my avatar.

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when…I do not know what to do with my life.

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when I know what to do with my life but reality makes it quite literally impossible

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It scares me when I wake up and find my spouse standing next to the bed looking down at me. It is very startling. Happened last night.

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When my kids know more than I do about their math/geometry/homework – because I used to know it – where did it go? What’s going next?

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When I think mentally I have failed before I have actually started the task.

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When I think about the story of a friend of mine who moved into a new house and had a snake come up out the toilet. (Snakes on a Plane combined tow of my top phobias!)

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…I’ve overslept.

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It scares me when my brother is not saying a word. That means that something is wrong with him today.

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@janbb you’re scared of toilets as well as snakes?

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Snakes don’t scare me, spiders don’t scare me, and bugs in general don’t scare me. People scare me, as they are by a far a much bigger threat to my safety than any ol’ bug or snake.

And any married man can tell you that it is scary when your spouse says: “We need to talk.”

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It scares me when… I think about the lack of resources eventually leading to a breakdown of the rule of law.

…when I think I might be pregnant (which has luckily never panned out).

…when there’s a tornado nearby (I grew up in a trailer park).

…when I ponder the economy, how precarious jobs can be, and how one executive’s whim can affect my life so thoroughly.

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I am scared to look at the lurve of Fluther newbies compared to mine. Some of these newbies shoot up the lurve ladder so quickly. I dunno how they do it…but congrats to them all.

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It scares me when I see the types of comments that show up on forums such as Youtube, and I realize that these people wield political power.

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It scares me when I’m at the car wash and water starts leaking in the windshield….and I don’t know if I’m about to become part of a people aquarium! (Happened the other day….I’m okay. Just a little damp.)

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It scares me when sock puppets are present, I’m almost out of beer, or jonsblond asks, “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

it’s never just a minute

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@Bluefreedom would be worse if they had a knife

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When I see so many people ignorant to facts/history.
Where those ignorant people will end up when all is said and done.

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Yes, seVen, that IS scary. I agree with you on this one.

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@seVen And where might that be out of interest? The fiery depths I assume…

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I want to die.

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… everyone hates me.

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Don’t say that…haha Don’t!!!
It scares me when you say that.

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I don’t orgasm. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. So I go to the bathroom and try to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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…I realize that this year’s college freshman were born in 1990.
...I see anything that might possibly be a spider. little brother confuses Lincoln and Kennedy
...people hear the first notes of “Under Pressure” and say “OMG! Ice Ice Baby!”
...I think about dying alone.
...someone suggests that I sing in public.
...I think too long about finances and my future.

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Oh, hitomi. If only I could lurve you more.

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1990? Oh, my.

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@asmonet haha…thank you!
@aprilsimnel yes…1990…no more children of the 80s….

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Thinking of my kids life in the future after I am not around to take care of them.

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When the plane is taxiing for takeoff. I always think it’s the end and we’re gonna die.

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@Jeruba: We mustn’t ever fly together because I think the same thing…too much negative energy… Then again, we could have celebratory cocktails after we’re off the ground and cruising comfortably!

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@bythebay When your kids know more about their homework than you, that is scary! I’m dealing with that now. Sometimes I feel that they don’t need me. but then they would get tired of wearing dirty underpants and eating pizza rolls ;)

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@jonsblond: Despite what you’ll hear otherwise – they’ll always need you!

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when I remember I have to drive somewhere I’ve never been before
when my son runs just a bit too far ahead of me
when I think about how it could all end up going terribly wrong
when I realise that no-one close to me has died yet
when I have to go and meet new people
when my stomach and belly hurt
when I think I don’t have much time left
when I’m not a very nice person
when I shout at my son
when I long to go home

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I get a letter from the courthouse that is very official looking. That happened a month ago, and it was simply a call to jury duty. In these times, though, you just never know.

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@lynneblundell – you just reminded me of a bunch more.

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