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What kind of places pay good money?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1594 points ) February 21st, 2009 from iPhone

ok the bottom line is, i can’t afford to keep working “teen jobs” im 20, in college ($26,000/year ALL from loans), and i make $9.08/hour at target. i can’t do it anymore and all these people i meet have these abstract jobs that pay them $14/hour, $12, etc. i really NEED to be making more but i don’t know where to go! it costs me $200/month JUST to commute to the city from jersey! any help would be appreciated. im a good worker and would be recommended by any employer.

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@future: where are you communting from? I live in Jersey.

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Call center for an insurance company. Bank processing center. Usually if you can get hired full time, they pay tuition.

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pay all of tuition? and im from the Wayne area

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Hospitals… you could try St. Clare’s… it’s not far from Wayne. Plus, there’s a train station not far from the three campuses of the hospital; Dover, Denville, and Boonton. I used to work for the Boonton campus, and my dad works in Denville right now. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

And St. Clare’s has tuition reimbursement, if you maintain a C or above I believe.

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thanks for all the answers
one quick question, what exactly is tuition reimbursement? i can’t imagine them paying for everything. that’s too good to be true

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you pay. Then you show them your grades, and they give it back to you if you meet the grade requirements.

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Try the Military. Good benefits, decent and steady income, and GI Bill once you’re in for so long.

If you join the Guard they pay for tuition once you’re all done with training, and you’re back at your home station. You get paid more for being in school, GI Bill, and Kicker Bonus, Enlistment bonus, and regular drill pay, and you can keep a part time job while you go to school as well.

Plus any military experience always looks good on a resume and can help you get a job later on in life to make more money. With the economy the way it’s going, it seems the military is a pretty safe choice. If you hate combat, you could just join a specific career field that doesn’t require direct combat.

I along with a few others on here are in the Air Force, so if you have any questions let us know.

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The other thing that you should not rule out is talking to Target about career advancement. Lots of times, large companies have positions that would be full time, and have different job constraints, which could affect school scheduling, but mean a lot more money. For example, how did your manager get his/her job? How did the next level up get hired? What does the merchandise distribution center look like your Target in your area?

Each company’s tuition reimbursement policy is different. Some only pay for grades over a B, some are a C. Some companies pay up to a certain dollar amount per semester.

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What are you studying in school? If at all possible, try to get a job in a related field. Also, if you can type and answer phones, look into office work.

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I’m on the same page as Augustlan.

What are you studying in school? If you can find a job in that area, right now, not only will you potentially be able to make a larger salary, but you’ll be ahead of the curve and have a competitive advantage against other grads when you’re done with school. In the big picture, it could put you two to three years ahead in terms of career advancement.

Learning how to acquire marketable skills, like office work, will also bump up your resume significantly. If you can get a solid foundation for MS Office, filing, phone systems, and learn the office culture, you’ll also be at an advantage for the higher paying jobs when you graduate. If you move into one of these areas and out of retail, not only will you answer your short-term problem, but it will also pay off in the long-term as well.

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I don’t know what your level of education is, but Target requires all higher level employees to have a college degree.

I agree with figbash, you may need to acquire some new training or classes in order to find a better paying job.

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Work in a bar. I know you are only 20, but you can be a
bar back. You get ice, stock coolers, wash glasses, etc. Everything but serve alcohol. At an average bar you should be able to make 60–100 bucks a night. Once you turn 21 you will know how to work behind the bar, and will make 300–400 on a good weekend schedule.

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If you work in the produce section or bakery section of most grocery stores, you earn $12 and up, at least in Oregon.

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