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How long usually it takes for you to write full complete music & lyrics?

Asked by niki (699 points ) March 29th, 2009

and I mean, full 100% completed lyrics (and/or music).
Is it usually can be done just in one single day? or for one completed song, needs to take few days? even few weeks, unfinished? or months? or even, years?

Second related question:
Don’t you just get damn frustrated when you have this great idea of perfect music/melody, but then just stumble so hard when writing the lyrics. Or vice versa. So in the end, no each song gets completly 100% finished.

How to work or solve that problem?

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I record all kinds of little ideas, whether its melody or rhythm or lyrics… and then save em. some have been there for many years now. who knows if they’ll ever see life?!

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One of my (I think) best songs was almost complete in my mind when I woke up one morning. On the other hand, I have some, like @theluckiest, which have been pieces that have been floating around for many years. And all in between.

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A full length stupid song takes about a week or two. For real takes up to three or four months. I feel like I’m disrespecting creativity though by putting a number on it.

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It depends. For a decent song it might take a good solid week. I could could come up with some bs in a few hours, but that’s just playing around. Usually when I write a song, and if I’m recording it, it takes at least a week.

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Most of my songs that I consider good have taken me only a couple of hours, total. That’s from concept to melody/lyrics complete. Of course, I’m always refining those, tweaking them, adding stuff, taking stuff out, etc.

I’ve also had ideas on paper for years that I revisit every now and then and end up throwing back on the pile for another year or two.

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4 minutes. Usually less than the song lasts. That’s if I have the idea already.

Other songs have taken years to mature. I might have a phrase stuck in my head for months, then hear a melody, link the two, and not get down to write it for several weeks.

But the actual writing process is very fast.

There was a period when I was very prolific and used to write up to 4 songs per day everyday. But it was a bit like writing a diary, except that they rhymed. Quantity and speed are easy, it’s the quality that is hard. It could take thousands of tries before you write that masterpiece that will be remembered forever, and most people never even manage a decent hit.

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It takes as long as it takes. One way to get past that hump of not having a song done, is fill the entire song with lyrics, good or bad, and have it fully written, then revising is much easier, and it will also help you to realize that each and every lyric isn’t as important as the movement of the song as a whole. Anthony Keidis, of Red Hot Chili Peppers, is a prime example of a lyricist who will let the song groove away despite many non-sensical lyrics. :P

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what if you’re a kind of person who always got this immense & intense musical ideas (and usually already FULL/complete w/ the whole arrangements, concepts, even ‘till the stage concept!) , yet you’re “stuck” in one process that is your weakest link, say for example: in writing good/great lyrics for EACH song, or, to find the right bandn members (which can reallyy be overhwhelming too, especially if you’re a perfectionist type when it comes to music!), or when you put it down in recording EACH song, in your home-computer, and all the ‘technicalities’ like EQ, mixing, and not getting the right VST instruments, finding good VST instruments etc,...which in the end only tends to frustate you, and make you feel so ‘overwhelemed’ with all these immense musical ideas,..yet you got “stuck” in one process, and CAN’T progress further, because of that?
it’s a very frustrating feeling! because often, all those ideas just remain half-finished songs , and hence, only remains in your room or notebooks, or even only inside ur brilliant head :(

what is the solution for tackling this ‘detail’ problems?

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