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In your opinion, what is the best media player for a PC or cross-platform? (mostly music)

Asked by creativejuices (487 points ) April 4th, 2009

When using windows media player, I commonly get the error message that they can not find the proper codec to play my desired file. What media player have you found that possesses the ability to play almost any file you thow at it? I have found the VLC media player 0.9.9 at Slashdot and wondered if anyone has heard of it/used it?

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On a Mac, QuickTime Player with the Perian system prefs plugin can handle most everything.

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VLC is the sexy.
I use it to play everything.

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I use VLC and LOVE it!

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I use RealPlayer Windows Media Player crashes all the damn time and is too laggy when closing or changing media.

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I tunes is the best! everyone says its expencive but really $1 a song thats really cheap! and I have 2,546 songs!

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@sandystrachan: Try VLC, it has never lagged for me.

@beckers: The purchase of songs doesn’t apply here, he’s looking for a media player, not media.

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@asmonet Already have VLC it is great i use it from time to time . I installed k-lite codec and have the 123 classic player .
Itunes is pants just buy the original cd.

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k-lite is the way to go, it has most if not all the codecs you will ever need and its free !

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@asmonet: with your declaration that “VLC is the sexy.”
I just downloaded it and I am using it right now! I like the ability to make adjustments on the audio effects.

Thanks! And I am a woman. =p

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Heh, I didn’t think about gender but, I am too. :)

Ha, wtg, you’ll love it the more you play with it. Promise.

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@asmonet OH SORRY do u have sumthin against me? HUH

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@beckers: Not really, though I see you still haven’t read the guidelines.

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Another vote for VLC.
It isn’t pretty, but you’ll never need to download another codec again.

For extendability and look, Songbird is my preferred player. It has iPod support, add-ons, and a totally customizable UI.

It’s freakin’ sweet!

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VLC is a good cross-platform player. If you just want a music player, I’d recommend Mozilla Songbird.

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@eambos & @Ivan: songbird is amazing! Thanks!!!!

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Now if Songbird will just get a Pandroa add on I will be totally set!

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I’m also going to recommend Songbird. It is my default music player. If you want real simplicity, I recommend Foobar2000 or Apollo

For other media I prefer Media Player Classic. I dislike VLC because its soft subtitle support needs a lot of work.

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VLC is the player to go to if you’re looking for something that plays everything you throw at it.

Besides that I don’t really like it, there are many alternative media players that also play a lot with the help if Gstreamer.

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VLC for anything visually media related, foobar2000 for when I’m too busy to switch to my media player to change songs/pause etc. (I use the global hotkeys for when I game) and iTunes generally just due to it’s nice smart playlists, the fact that I have an iPod, the fact that I’ve bought a fair deal of stuff from the iTunes store and that it’s a decent audio media player. If I could spend the time setting up foobar truely I’d probably enjoy that more. But for now, what works, works.

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VLC is pretty good for when Media Player doesn’t work out.

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VLC plays everything, and its french. Is song bird worth it?

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I have been using songbird sense I asked this question and I love it!! What is the issue with them? “worth” what?

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Oh, worth the trouble of burning and ripping all my purchased music from iTunes. On top of risking file incompatibility.

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aahh… a non issue for me.. I do not have apple products.

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@creativejuices I like my iPod, it plays music and lots of it. I also through videos on their but not sense iTunes lost them all. I am thinking of getting an iPod touch because nothing has so many free apps and games, also for what it is its really cheap. No matter how much I hate Apple.

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recently my sansa died on me and I am in the market for a new mobile music devise…. I would seriously consider the i pod touch

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I really want the new Zune HD that was recently leaked.

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