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Stretch marks... home remedies or medical solutions?

Asked by Dr_C (14049 points ) April 6th, 2009

I’ve been asked by many many many pregnant patients if there’s anything they can do to get rid of stretch marks.
Not having them myself and not being a dermatologist i have very limited experience with this particular dilemma. I do however want to provide my patients with a solution.
Any help will be greatly appreciated… i promise to research every valid answer to the full extent.

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The only thing that worked for me was a tummy tuck. I still have a few but they are greatly minimized. I can even wear a bikini now.

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I’d suggest cocoa butter. The first ingredient in it is mineral oil, so it’s very moistureizing. I love it.

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I used Vitamin E oil directly on the hemithyroidectomy scar on my neck and now it’s hardly noticeable. I applied just a few drops twice daily with a cotton ball for at least 8 weeks. It might help on stretch marks, too.

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I have also heard raves about Strivectin

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I tried Mederma for a scar. IMO, it is completely useless. You are (as I recall) to use it for 8 weeks, applying it 4x/day.

Any scar, massaged 4x/day or not will improve after 8 weeks. Plus the stuff leaves a nasty film and is gross.

So….at least don’t recommend that

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@all… awesome so far.. you all get lurve from the doc

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I used vitamin e gel, to prevent. But, I have also read that vitamin E can make scars I try not to use it too often.
I didn’t really get many stretch marks, only on my thighs, and I had no clue you could get them there lol.
my friend swears by this stuff

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@casheroo you are as knowledgeable as you are lovely… my thanks

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Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa butter, etc….

Anything that has acid in it pretty much will work including Lemon juice. Acids helps the skin remove itself of dead skins and promote new ones to grow in its place.

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just FYI, tea tree oil is not safe while pregnant. and other essentials oils, you have to be careful with them, when it comes to pregnancy.

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I notice that any lubricant will make my stretch marks go away with a few strokes…in fact the skin gets very smooth and hard..but then they always come back again…((((((((((((((((((((((((((:>~ (((((((:>~

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@casheroo you are 100% correct about the tea tree oil during pregnancy…

I’m also interested in post-pregnancy remedies since a lot of these women are too late on the prevention side… and would like to get rid of them once baby is born.

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Out of curiosity does that “essential oils = bad for pregnant women” thing also apply to pregnant dogs?


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@Sakata I imagine so, since it’s how it affects the fetus, and I’m pretty sure they found that out from testing animals. I wouldn’t risk it. It’s only some essential oils. Let me find a good link for you!

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@casheroo Thank you :)

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this stuff is briliant

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