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When was the last time you played truth or dare? What happened?

Asked by aviona (3240 points ) April 10th, 2009

How old were you? Who were you with? Were you perhaps drinking? Was it a coed group or a same-sex group? What occurred during the game? Did you feel embarrassed afterward? Did you feel too old to be playing?

I just played the other night in a hot tub (I’m 20) with 3 guys and one other girl. The guys were all skinny dipping and the two of us girls had bathing suits on. We were all a little tipsy. I didn’t really feel too old to be playing. There was a lot kissing/licking of/giving hickeys on weird body parts/for certain amounts of time. And of course guy-on-guy and girl-on-girl stuff. I felt kind of goofy in the morning, but nothing got out of control and we’re all really good friends.

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Did you take pictures?

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Eventually, it led to me getting married.

I was about 28, no drinking involved. It was a get-together on a desert camping trip with former college friends. One of them had been married while I was in college, and was recently divorced. I guess my answers to his questions sparked an interest :>)

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I have never played this game.

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I can’t remember the last time I played Truth or Dare but if I could remember, I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been as good as your hot tub adventure, aviona. It all sounded great too except for the guy-on-guy part. That’s just not for me. I’m glad you had fun and no one ended up in the ER.

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Haha @Bluefreedom thanks. And no, @Mr_M, no pictures, sorry.

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the first time i really played it was like this year, and i hate it. blech

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Bad experience @tiffyandthewall? Haha. I’m sorry.

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@aviona, maybe you could DRAW some?

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