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Bottom of iphone screen not working?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684 points ) June 22nd, 2009

the bottom part of my iphone has stopped working! just the part of the screen that has the phone, email, safari, ipod part when you first get the phone… Is there any way to fix this? What caused it?

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Did it fall? Break?

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no it has not fallen and it is not broken, no cracked screen or anything.

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How long ago did this happen?

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So it just stopped working?
What were you doing with it when it happened?

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I just need more information because sometimes that happens to my iPod

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alrighty sorry i should have been more descriptive in the question. I just pulled it out of my pocket and the bottom of the screen was not working. I can get it unlocked after a couple attempts but anything after that does not work. i cannot open the phone or anything else on the bottom also when i text the space does not work or anything else in the bottomish area the only way i have been able to send them is by holding it sideways with the new 3.0 update that lets me get the sideways keyboard and then i can use the space but i cant send or use the backspace or the “P” u=i just have to rotate it back up to send and backspace and to use P….... and the shift

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Hmmm you should get it looked at. You might get a new one

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i got this iphone the day after it came out. the original one. so that was about 2 years ago.. you think i could still get a new one? if not i never used that 100 bucks apple gave to people for being jerks and lowering the price could i still use that?

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They gave back $100’s?!!!
Well you can say it was manufactured wrong or something

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yeah after they dropped the price after they said they wouldnt people really got on their case about it so they gave people 100 dollars of apple credit i guess. to use in a store or the itunes store i guess.

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Well lucky!! Get a new one then. The one that just came out I think it’s 100$

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I think this is a software problem. Hold sleep wake button and home until it resets. This can work wonders. If still no luck, restore it in iTunes.

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yeah the new one is 100 which i might have to do. but i dont want to since i was going to get the new one anyways and give my old one to my dad but if it doesnt work.. hes sol haha. and i tried restarting it and resetting it but neither worked… im going to an apple store here in about half an hour so thanks for your help=]

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No problem :)

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That’s too bad.

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Well, I had the exact same problem. For some time, the sensitivity hack worked where you could change the sensitivity of the touch panel, but later more touch area stopped working. That’s when i ordered a spare part (touch screen, also digitizer) and changed it. It works now.

Oh and if you bought the iPhone where it’s officially sold, they will change it, no problem, even if it’s out of warranty I think, because the dead strip was a common problem among users.

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