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Are online surveys reliable?

Asked by jdogg (868 points ) July 27th, 2009

I need some extra cash this weekend and i don’t know if surveys were worth it or actually work. If so can you please give me a few sites.

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No. Go mow somebody’s lawn, you’ll make 100x more money.

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or sell yourself…. quick way to make 50 bucks.

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Online surveys are a horrible way of making money, besides it takes like 8–16 weeks for them to pay you the $10 you might get for filling the survey out.

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Some of them are reliable.Unfortunately there are many scams.To avoid scams, never pay for registration.That is the main difference between scams and legit surveys.Here is a great article on how to find legitimate surveys that actually pay:

Read it carefully and you will understand how to find them.

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