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How long does glow in the dark paint last?

Asked by brownlemur (4074 points ) December 11th, 2006
I want to paint my bike with glow in the dark paint, but I don't want it to last for only 12 hours or so. How can I keep my bike glowing for several geeky years?
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i have no useful information, but this is a brilliant idea.
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Glow in the dark paintballs last for a couple weeks. I am not sure how long standard types of paint last. But maybe you can get some more info from other paintball players about it. Then, see if there are consumer paints made of similar ingredients that suit your needs.

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i feel like i have heard of glow in the dark paint for walls, but not sure you’d want to put that on your bike. have you talked to any folks who do the powder coating or whatever it’s called? is this for burningman? fun idea! have you thought about pimping out your bike with some crazy lights? i saw some amazing stuff at the most recent mass in sf…..

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Simple, get some glow in the dark powder and add it to rubbing alcohol. this will make a “paint” that you can wash off with alcohol when ever you want.

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