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Does anyone know people in sales from airlines, shipping lines, airports and sea ports in Malaysia?

Asked by garydale (216 points ) August 17th, 2009

Does anyone know anyone who is working in the administration or sales departments of Malaysia Airlines, MISC, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the Port of Port Klang or any other shipping lines or airlines that might be of interest to general international commercial freight forwarders? I will have a group of about fifty forwarders in from around the world and would really like to have speakers give half-hour to hour long presentations. Thanks!

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Contact their public relations departments.

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You might get ideas from the Aviation Speakers Bureau.

@PandoraBoxx Is correct about the PR people at the companies. That is a major part of their job. Simply call and ask to speak to someone in public relations. (You can also check Web sites to get names, which will move your call along faster).

What is the theme of the conference? What topics do you think will be of relevance to the audience? It is best to have determined that in advance and not leave your speakers completely floundering.

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