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I need help with data recovery on a ps3?

Asked by sandystrachan (4385 points ) August 20th, 2009

Someone deleted a game save by mistake , i was wondering if you knew how to recover it . Google doesn’t seem to bring up much about it for me .

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If there is, I haven’t heard of it. There are no recovery options on the PS3 itself, so getting your saved game back is probably impossible.

Do what I do, back up your saved games on an external source (at least the ones that matter).

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You could rip out the HDD and recover the files using data recovery software.

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With an professional ipod data recovery tool can recover the lost contents for our ios devices very easy.
[b]How to Recover iPod touch Lost Files from Backup?[/b]
Step 1. Select Backup File
Install and start the iPod Data Recovery. Go to select your iPod backup file from the iTunes backup list.
Step 2. Scan Selected Backup
Once choose the correct backup file, you can then hit “Start Scan” button to scan the recoverable files in it.
Step 3. Recover iPod Files
Select what you want from the scanning results, and click on the “Start” icon to begin iPod data recovery from iTunes backup.

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