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If it drips onto your paint, it’s bye bye paint job. Also, I don’t remember exactly, but I think it might tear up hoses and injectors (especially if you have an older car—but doublecheck that fact).

You might be better off aero-modding. See for an example.

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P.S. I spent the better part of a day researching this, including blog posts by guys who said they’d try it and report the results, and found no evidence of positive outcomes.

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Why don’t folks ever check things out with Snopes?

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Everything on that video is BULLSHIT!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!

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It can damage your gaskets and seals.
It increases the level of pollution your car spews.
It isn’t proven to increase milege.
It is much more expense than gasoline.

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@Darwin people stopped taking Snopes seriously when they couldn’t get their Faux News Propaganda verified that Obama isn’t really a US citizen. Well, at least the Republicans don’t use Snopes.

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Well considering that the Mythbusters busted it and proved it has negative effects I’d say no. But that doesnt mean that all his stuff is BS.

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The more important question might be is it safe for your health. By the way, you might not be able to pass a breathalyzer test after inhaling the fumes. Seriously.

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Don’t know about a cars engine, but winos drink it all the time and they are still living.

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