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What is a good info management software program like Yojimbo or SOHO Notes on the Mac, but for Windows?

Asked by scottk (31 points ) January 26th, 2008

I need a program that can handle PDFs and other documents, notes, passwords, etc, like Yojimbo and SOHO Notes do. I would prefer one that is tailored for the Home Office user and can scan documents directly into the program.

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While I don’t know of any myself, I have 3 resources who do. I shall taunt them with the lack of programs. They will then reply with a bunch of PC Based ones for us.

Lets watch and see what happens.

PS. my compliments on your icon. Love the peeking.

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Well, here is what I found. This looks like it is very similar. None of my friends used it.

And there is also OneNote by Microsoft. i have used it. It is expensive however. But a nice program.

Hope this helps ya.

I to am a MacHead.

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