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How can I make my tomato soup less acidic?

Asked by kfingerman (982 points ) October 10th, 2009

It’s already made, but I used some slightly under-ripe tomatoes and while it tastes good, it gets that acidic aftertaste after half a bowl. There are leftovers and I want to make them taste better. Any advice?

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Brown sugar works wonders in tomato sauce, so maybe a little bit would work for soup, too.

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And a dash of olive oil maybe?

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I think I have read something that addressed this. I think the answer was a bit of salt. I doubt I am right. If you try it do it on a small sample.

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A little sugar. Takes the bite out. I’m gonna try brown sugar like the one person said. Never tried that. Sugar in tomato dishes helps bring out other flavors dominated by tomato.

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@hartford3 Brown sugar is awesome in tomato sauce. Give it a try next time you make spaghetti. I won’t eat tomato sauce anymore unless brown sugar has been added. :)

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A little baking soda. It’s a base which neutralizes acid. Just a little – you don’t want to taste it, just have it work.

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You can add carrots (they are naturally sweet) and remove them if you wish after they have been cooked to softness. You could try a bit of balsamic vinegar as well, or a gastrique. Any sort of sugar will help but depending on the taste of the sugar you will get a different result. As @laureth says, add in a smidge of baking soda.

A good idea is to take a small amount of the soup, say ¼ cup, and try your chosen method. If it works, then multiply the amount of the addition to get the right amount for the whole pot of soup.

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I would put in a dash of sugar; it is often put in spaghetti sauce to make it less acidic.

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I Agree with Darwin I have added carrots to tomato soup and they did cut some of the acidity and add more flavor.

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As something you can do next time, I heard removing the seeds from the tomatos you use will reduce the acidity.

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Adding baking soda to the tomatoes before adding milk/cream will also prevent curdling.

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