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Anyone have a good name for a wine bar?

Asked by breedmitch (12126 points ) January 31st, 2008

I’m opening a new wine bar this spring and we are having the hardest time naming it. Something clever would be nice. Help me out jellyfish.

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Zeus Juice

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Chateau a la Vin

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Cork’d is such a great name. Unfortunately you would be ripping of if you called it that.

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The Bottle Opener

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Get Spoiled

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Nice legs…

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A feast of yeast

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Vin de bar?

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Noble Rot

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L’âge de raisins.

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The Wine Bar


The Corkscrew

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Stolen from some French drinking songs:chansons

La table ronde
Goûtons voir
Sous le robinet.

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Oeno’s gets my vote, w. Bacchus as follow-up.

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Olympus, named after the mythical mountain where ambrosia was served to the gods. Ambrosia? Ditto Bacchus.

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Zun or Tsun:
any of a wide range of ancient Chinese wine vessels. These forms are characterized by an ample interior volume for containing wine and a wide opening for drinking.

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Grape Goodness

Grape Escape – I love this one but there is one in New Zealand
The Grape Escape is a unique cafe and winery for fabulous Nelson dining

West Coast Winery
The Grape Escape <—- love this one too
Savor the Flavor <—- i actually love this one!

Some cool ones here

Cork Wine Bar

You might enjoy this blog

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(The) Vineyard

Barrel Room

Terroir (not original, of course)

Sommelier’s (nice ring)

Crus du Monde (roughly “vintages of the world”)

Must (as in “the mixture of fermenting grape juice, pips, skins, and stalks”)

Racked (as in “transfer of wine from one container, such as a barrel, to another.”)

The Wine Box

White Zin Emporium

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I like kevbo’s suggestion: Must.

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Heroes Wine N Bar
Stomped Dis Wine N Bar
Glass Celling Wine &Bar
New Wine Energy Bar (that’s killer 4 sure )
and my fav ” Thanks For Stomping ” Wine Bar

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Vintner’s Glint-just has a sort of ring to it

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The Old Stomping Ground-as in “we’re going back to ____…”

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The Wine Seller

The Wine Cellar

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The Port Port (especially good in a coastal area)

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The Vino Casino

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Sip by Sip

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It would be stealing from a wine brand, but I enjoyed “TizRed”

Vin Rouge
The Half Full
The Decantery
The Pour House

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glass half full

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The Grapes of Mitch

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“The Wine-Oisseur”
I actually grew up in the small town of Sonoma Valley in Northern California and have always wanted to open a wine bar. Its something I still think a lot about. Talk about doing something u love!!

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I Knows ( get it Winos : I Knows)
Make N Rounds
Dot…Wine ( free WiFi)
Park Your Vineyards
Laughing Vineyards
Fluthers Vineyards
Vine Place
I’m done now call me for drinks someday ?
Good Lucks oh that good too!!!

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Wow! Thanks guys for all the responses. I guess we’ll have to open 30 wine bars now.
@gooch: Love “Noble Rot”. We thought of that one a few days back and I have to say it’s high on my list. One of us is vetoing it however. (oh the power of veto!)
@sndfreQ: I might push for “The Stomping Ground”. I like the ring of it. (hope you don’t mind my edit)
@kevbo: I can get behind “Must” and “Racked” but “White Zin Emporium”?? Well, I just might have to open a vein. (I know you were only joking. Right?)

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Must is an awesome name! It’s got multiple layers of meaning with the most obvious one being that you must go there. Nicely done, kevbo!

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3x Thanks!

(and, yes, I was joking about WZE)

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Entwine, Hidden Vine, Wine-O,

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Grapevine Nine

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FineVine Wine

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Update: “brookvin” is up and running and making the folks in Brooklyn very happy! Thanks for all the help guys.

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Nice. I’ll send my Brooklyn friend your way.

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@breedmitch Congratulations! Is there a 10% discount for anyone who wanders in wearing a Fluther shirt?

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Congratulations! I am curious how long is your wine list?

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@Brian; At last. I’m so relieved. I’ll tell my Brooklyn buddies also.

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Glass:10 red, 10 white (avail. by bottle as well)
Bottle: 7 red, 6 white
!/2 bottle: 10 red, 9 white
Smattering of sparkling, dessert, port, sherry etc.
Plus a full bar with some very lovely and rare ryes. (ok this is a plug, now)
I haven’t a Gewurtz by the glass for you at the moment, but there is an exquisite one by the 1/2 bottle.

@Maude: You’re relieved? I’m frickin’ over the moon! Thanks for the support (and word o mouth)

@Kev: Your friend would be nice but You would be nicer. Get on up here again and I’ll pour the whiskey and we’ll talk Project Camelot. (wink wink)

@Marina: Oh, no. It’s more like 50%!

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Right on. You’re on my next NYC itinerary.

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@Harold; What the most expensive wine you sell? I have always had the fantasy of having one taste of a truly rare vintage.During the summer I was 17, I lived with a family who had a vineyard and bottled their own wine, just outside of Beaune. We had table wine with lunch and dinner. Looking back, I bet they were pretty spectacular. Albert Morot

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Dare we ask for an online menu!

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And address?

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Will Pm ya’ll. Tomorrow.

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Pssstttt, Google search “Brookvin” for both.

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Bottle pop

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@Nick452: Read the instructions just above your comment, please.

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Great Wine Experience

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@urban1:@Welcome to fluther. Winebar (Brookvin) has been up and running for over two years.

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I noticed several of the suggestions above are currently being used somewhere. I am from Buffalo, NY and the Wine Thief, Bacchus and Just Vino are there.
One name you might think about is “The Wine Stave”
Best of Luck!

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@Cucina: Welcome to fluther. The wine bar has been up and running for several years and is called “Brookvyn.”

Stay, enjoy, share your cold winter stories with us.

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@Cucina I have been to The Wine Thief in Buffalo, NY. Great place.

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@Cucina: ^^ That modest fellow is the manager of Brookvyn.

(There you are, ducks. Nice to hear from you.)

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