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Help me create the simplest costume possible!

Asked by ish1212 (163 points ) October 23rd, 2009

I need something that is really just a slight alteration to my appearance that has a double sort of meaning (like Three-hole punched Jim in that Office episode). I was thinking of doing something hilarious with those “Hello my name is” stickers, although that might be too trite.

P.S: To clarify, I mean Halloween costumes. Thanks.

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@kibaxcheza mentioned on the other thread a nudist on strike.
Just hang a sign around your neck.

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Stick a slice of cheese on your forehead.

Go as the last slice in the fridge.

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My husband has done some of these for office dress up days:

*Dollars & star shapes attached to your shirt with a hat that reads “Starbucks” (Or you can leave people guessing)

*Small cereal boxes on a shirt with a bloody knife for cereal killer

*Use a t-shirt as a costume (such as “I went to see the Wizard and all I got was this Tshirt” or one that has a WiFi detector on the front my husband’s an IT geek)

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@ChazMaz that costume could double as a mouse trap ;)

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Don’t dress up at all, and when people ask what you’re supposed to be, tell them, “A homicidal maniac; they look just like everyone else.” (Yeah, The Addams Family was on TV last night and I had it on for background noise. :D)

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Wear a big smile!

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White dress shirt + white socks + black Raybans = Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

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it is called “naked man”

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wrap yourself in aluminum foil, wrap two beach balls in foil, duct tape them to your knees and go as a chrome vibrator.

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wear a bag on your head

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